Greed – a poem



Greed stinks.

Greed is addictive –

A reeking sleazy pusher

Skulking in the recesses of the mind

Pandering to the baser instincts,

Urging excess,

Trampling, plundering, raping,

Gratuitously indulging –

Never counting the cost.


Greed is never happy,

Never satisfied, never quiet.

Greed is always demanding more,

Always sneering, goading.

Greed is smug and arrogant.


You deserve it!

You are better!


Greed is the obnoxious cretin,

Sniveling sycophant, whispering liar.

Greed destroys, wreaks havoc,

Ravages and reduces.


It makes wrecks out of people,

Cities, relationships and the world.


Opher 2.1.2019



I think the entire world’s problems stem from our selfish greed, our lust for power and wealth.


Driven by greed we exploit, destroy and cause agony with impunity.


It makes us blind to suffering. It makes us stupid. It prevents us seeing the consequences of what we do.


Greed is the ultimate human failing.

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