Racism back on the Football Terraces!

Yes the ugliness of racism is rearing its head again throughout Europe and in the States. Bananas are being thrown. The yobs are chanting.

I thought we’d grown out of all that. But fascists are marching on our streets again making their Heil Hitler salutes. Islamophobia is mainstream and sanctioned as OK. Antisemitism is on the rise, hate crime is through the roof.

How have we got to this in a fairly settled multicultural society?

How are those racist thugs on the terraces thinking? We have truly multicultural teams now. Many of our best players are Black or Asian. Mo Salah is probably the best player in the world and a Muslim. How on earth have we arrived at the resurrection of racism?

So what is the cause?

Is it a direct result of radical Islam?

Is it due to Islamic terrorism?

Is it a result of mass migration?

Has it come out of the world recession?

Is it the rise of divisive populism scapegoating minorities?

Is it due to inequalities created by globalism?

Is it the result of a decade of Tory austerity?

Is it Brexit and Trump empowering xenophobia?

Is it tribalism creating division?

Is it a failure of integration?

Has global warming played a part?

Is overpopulation a driving force?

Is it a failure of education systems?

Is global poverty to blame?

I suppose the most important question of all is how do we eradicate this ignorant mentality?


2 thoughts on “Racism back on the Football Terraces!

  1. You must be joking if you’d thought there was anything close to “a fairly settled multicultural society”. There isn’t any such thing.

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