Wouldn’t it be good to have more senses??

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a full range of senses to see the world in all its splendour – to see the full spectrum of the electromagnetic spectrum – and more!

How about UV, Gamma, X-Ray and Infra-red?? What would the world look like if we saw magnetism? What we actually see and perceive is a tiny fraction of the energy that is out there and we are truly stranded between the microcosm and macrocosm without seeing either without our instruments.

I often wonder about the senses of other animals. The smell of dogs. Do they actually form a mental image of the world from scent?

What are these faculties that homing pigeons possess? How do they know their position?

Then there is the human zeitgeist. We seem to share a sense of the times. Every era has a feel to it that is contagious.

Then the synchronicity between people – like shared ideas, shared consciousness. More developed in some than others. Does it have a real scientific basis? Do we communicate in ways we do not yet understand?

So much more to be understood!

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