Journey Pt. 15 – So Long – Hong Kong – Photos

Hong Kong has changed dramatically in ten years. There were noticeably less Westerners. A very clean and friendly place. I enjoyed it greatly.

Opher's World

We were leaving a whole section of our journey behind us as Borneo, Java, Indonesia and the Philippines faded away in the yellow glow of the evening sunset. We were heading over the China Sea to Hong Kong. It was hot and humid but the breeze created by the motion of the boat was cooling and pleasant. I stood at the prow and looked down into the water below the same as I had done day after day. Perhaps they did have different properties, temperatures, salinity or acidity? We give these oceans names but I could not really tell the difference between The Java and China Seas. Sometimes they were aqua marine blue, sometimes slate grey and sometimes green; it depended on the light and sky. What they did appear to have in common was a lack of animal life. Apart from a half dozen sea snakes and three boobies…

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