Journey Pt. 11 – Java – The beauty of Borubodour – the huge temple complex – Photos

An amazing place.

Opher's World

Arriving at Semarang we were greeted by a golden far Eastern dawn and disembarked to the sound of first a modern Jazz quintet and then a group of traditional musicians and dancers. They were wanting to make an impression.  

On the 18th day of our trip I’d found myself in the Jacuzzi on the top deck having just consumed a very nice wheat beer. It was 30 degrees but a cool breeze was making it rather pleasant as we crossed the warm waters of the Java Sea under blue skies (just two tiny white clouds to add to the panorama). I was wondering if some of you were getting sick of receiving these missives. But I figured that all those that were simply wouldn’t open them.

Never mind.

Only another 53 days to go!!

Our next stop is Java – Semarang and the Buddhist Temple of Borobudur! Can’t wait!! I…

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