What is wrong with the EU?

It seems to me that there are a number of things wrong with the EU. The major four are:

  1. The EU values corporations above people.

We see this with the way that people are treated. What is paramount is the economic growth. Thus corporations and the wealthy elite are courted and the rights of people are secondary.

2. The EU is undemocratic

The members of the Commission are not democratically elected. They put forward the laws. However, these do have to be agreed by the democratically elected parliament but cannot offer amendments.

3. The EU is slow to react

Many of the issues that require addressing need a quicker response.

4. Immigration

Immigration and movement of people within the EU have produced an immense problem that has fuelled social unrest and the rise of fascism.

I think the EU is waking up to much of this. Immigration and social unrest as a result of the growing inequality is focussing minds.

I personally would prefer to see Britain in the EU addressing these problems rather than on the outside suffering from them.


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