Journey Pt. 9 – Kimodo and the Dragons – Photos

A magical place – under threat from tourism.

Opher's World

All is well. We have quelled the fire of the mighty dragons in the incandescent caldera of Komodo where the rim of the huge volcanic crater that spawned it is visible as a ring of rocks in velvety folds of green and orange. The trees and vegetation provide cover for the dragons and their prey of deer and wild boar. It was very warm there (probably the result of all that fiery breath!). Supposedly they consume whole deer or boar and use handy trees to help force the animals down their throats by bashing them against the tree with such force they sometimes knock the trees over.


There is no known antidote to their lethal red gooey saliva. The tens of sharp curved fangs are buried in the flesh of their mouth waiting to lacerate and inflict fatal wounds. We didn’t get eaten once!

We now have a photo…

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