Blog Policy Reminder!

My blog reflects my views and perspectives.

I deal with controversial and political/social issues regularly.

I encourage participation through comments.

I encourage views contrary to my own and am prepared to debate.

But I will delete views that are:


Personally disrespectful

Personally abusive

Or which encourage violence

I think we can have intelligent debate without those things!

You are welcome on this blog! Please behave as a guest should!

16 thoughts on “Blog Policy Reminder!

    1. There are many rude and abusive people out there John. They think their version of the truth is all that matters and anyone who disagrees is worthy of abuse.
      Rationality and intelligence have gone out the window.

  1. It’s a sad fact that a few people cannot construct anything positive themselves but take lonely satisfaction from deconstructing the positive efforts of others. The experiences that drive them to this must have been dreadful.

    1. Dave – one learns as a child that there is much pleasure to be had from spending hours constructing sandcastles. Sadly there are always those whose urge is not to build but to jump on the castles of others. That urge to destroy is human and it is, along with cruelty, one of our worst characteristics.

      1. It is human, true, but it’s when better urges don’t exist alongside it to tip the balance towards kindness and respect that the problems start. And then there’s politics …

      2. Yes Dave – I think the leadership tips the balance one way or another. I think we have seen that recently with both Brexit and Trump. It has given permission for that nasty minority to express itself. It changes the climate we all live in.

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