The Voyage – Part 24 – The wonders of Lisbon Portugal

Sunrise imbued Lisbon with the most beautiful colour.

Opher's World


The sea was rough. We were trying to outrun the storm that was hard on our heels. We were managing it – although the sea was choppy and the temperature discernibly colder the sky remained bright.

I gave up on the chances of further dolphins and whales. The chances of seeing more were slim. I walked the deck and put in my miles or sat at the stern out of the cool breeze and read. The arc of the stern was a nice little sun trap out of the wind. The temperature there still felt warm but we were, none-the-less, back in jeans and a fleece. It felt as if we were eking the last dregs.

Lisbon was our last stop. I’d heard a lot about it. It was reputed to be a beautiful city and I was eager to see what it was about even though it lacked the…

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