Las Palmas – The Canaries

Las Palmas – The Canaries


Me peering from the bows as we nose in


Inside the church

P1000915 P1000920

Butterflies, cacti and dragon trees


The volcanic caldera


View from the volcano


Christopher Columbus’s house


Heading out


Heading in


After the Bay of Biscay the weather iproved, the sea calmed and they unlashed us from the mast!

They even took the metal plates off our two port-holes so we could see the sea and the sky.

I took position at the bows. We were heading for the Canaries. I watched for flocks of small yellow birds and listened for tweeting. It was impossible to hear over the throb of the deisel engine and splash of the swell.

The breeze was warm.

It was early morning when we nosed into the Canaries – a great volcanic island with exotic cacti, flowers and butterflies. Las Palmas was old and a bit decrepid. We headed off for the small pictureque towns and up the volcano where we peered into the caldera and took in the views over the island. We walked through the botanical gardens hunting dragon trees and butterflies. The birds hid.

Then we went back down to Las Palmas and had a cool beer.

Felt pretty good. People were friendly.

But Brazil beckoned; we had to get back on board and head off towards Cape Verde and beyond!

This was just the appetiser.

3 thoughts on “Las Palmas – The Canaries

  1. Yes, Las Palmas is old and we like it that way. Been going since 1966 and it’s one of the few places that I visit that still behaves likes it’s still 1966. I love it for that alone.
    I’m not too sure if “decrepid” (sic) is fair. In fact I know it is not. The weather plays a large part on the life of paint, a short one at best. It’s a bit like looking after the Forth Bridge, a near never ending task until recently when they got the new style paint that lasts for 35 years. We’ll just have to send them some of that and then maybe next time you’ll be able to enjoy the peaceful tranquillity of the place all the more, without worrying about the old and decrepit looking buildings with their shabby paint work.
    I suppose you’d probably much prefer to bulldozer the lot and get Norman in with his bright shiny new skyscrapers.

    1. What – running there to escape the Muslims? A touch of nostalgia for the old Britain of the old-boy network, racism and aristocratic hierarchy?
      I quite liked it old and run-down.

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