Syndicate of Conservative Union Madmen

It seems that the hard-right of the Tory party are in discussions with Nigel Farage with a view to forming a new breakaway party.

What a great idea! I love it!

It would solve the endless problems that the Tories have had with their extremists. They were a thorn in the side of Thatcher, brought Major down and ended up with Cameron going (after he’d had that disastrous referendum).

It could mean that the Tory party will break up and could be out of power for generations to come – if ever!

Now that’s a cause for celebration!!

I would put forward (just to be helpful) a suggestion of a name for this new party (based on the fact that they all seem to be male) –

how about the Syndicate of Conservative Union Madmen?

4 thoughts on “Syndicate of Conservative Union Madmen

  1. I wonder whether the country would be any happier under the extreme left? Or indeed the middle left? I wonder whether any politician has any but his own benefit in mind? I am all for social justice, the abolition of suffering and poverty and better healthcare but I doubt politics will ever bring the lion to sit with the lamb.

    1. Hi Zeno – I hear you but I do know that political parties do make a big difference. All of the parties support the corporate wealthy so nothing changes there, but the Tories have introduced swingeing cuts to all Public Services and have targeted the poor while giving tax cuts to the rich. The left would redress that balance – give more to the Public Services and poor. I think that is fairer.

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