Some People – a poem

Some People

Most people are not insane.
Most people are capable of love.
They are taught to fear.

Most people help each other.
Most people love nature.
They are ruined by greed.

Most people are decent.
Most people are not cruel.
They have to learn to hate.

Opher 2.12.2018

We get the impression of a world full of vicious maniacs, cruel bastards, violent psychopaths. It is not like that. Most people will always give you a helping hand with a big smile and a go well beyond what is reasonable. Most people are friendly.
All the nasty stuff has to be learnt.
We just need to deal with the people that teach them.

2 thoughts on “Some People – a poem

  1. The nastiness is learned in the home. Most people are not fit to raise children properly to become well-adjusted, loving people. The schools don’t teach nastiness and cruelty – but the kids who learn that at home bring it to school with them. And then there’s social media where everyone can spew whatever they wish from the security of their keyboards. It starts with parenting which is very difficult at the best of times. No one has to take any training to be a parent but the law requires us to take training to drive a car.

    1. Yes John. I thoroughly agree. It is something I’ve thought about a lot but I don’t have any answers. Good parenting should be the right of every child. I don’t know what we can do about it.

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