New Fictions – a poem

New Fictions


Our fictions are crumbling –

God, King and Country

Have lost their meaning.

People have lost their faith.


We need better fictions

To believe in;

Fictions that are better

Than the old ones.


One planet; one people,

One realm of nature;

One home for us all;

To be treated with respect.


Opher 2.12.2018



We created fictions to hold us together and give us strength. But the cohesion is wearing thin. We are becoming divided.

We no longer believe there is a god.

We’ve lost our faith in our politicians.

We do not stand for the Queen.

We know all people are one. That race, nationality and creeds are fictions.

I think it’s time to jettison the old and bring in a new set that we can believe in.



The planet.

I’d put my faith into those.

2 thoughts on “New Fictions – a poem

  1. I often wonder if the old fictions ever held us together. Going back into history, people always had to be bullied from the pulpit to live out the Christian ideals. The fictions were supported by laws that were vigorously enforced. The same is true in the political realm. We all agree that we must be taxed to pay for public works, yet everyone works very hard to avoid paying them. You’re right, we don’t believe in the old fictions. Unity is rare and fleeting. It is why we will destroy ourselves in the end. We might have accomplished that end centuries ago if we had had the technology to do so. Now we do.

    1. I think they created a cohesive culture that people did buy into, John. Yes they were bullied and coerced but there was a backbone of acceptance. They were made to feel superior to ‘lesser’ people even though they were uneducated and in rags.
      I would like to see some good new fictions to unite us – caring for the planet tops my list.

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