Alan Sugar says Gove and Boris Johnson should be put in prison for lying to the public!!

For once I agree with Lord Sugar!! Politicians who lie and mislead the public should be responsible for their deliberate deception!

The chaos and cost the country has suffered because of their lies!!

They should be held responsible for the billions they have cost us!!!

4 thoughts on “Alan Sugar says Gove and Boris Johnson should be put in prison for lying to the public!!

  1. woman labour MP Osamor threatens a journalist to hit him in the FACE WITH A BAT, thats not a crime? That does not deserve going into Prison, of course not she’s Labour & black, the party of the ANTI-SEMITICS. No mention Opher of this woman with her BAT and her DRUG DEALING SON & HIS CONVICTIONS do you have or the fact Corbyn’s son Tommy does a deal with an Extremist, no you keep quiet on that don’t you. What was it Comrade Corbyn said “the kinder politics of Labour” yes as long as you wield a BAT. HYPOCRITES. Wait for it you will come up with Tommy Robinson the man you are absolutely fixated on and don’t forget to tell me I AM A LIAR AGAIN WILL YOU, after all what I expect “none of this happened” coming from you!!

    1. Having been on the receiving end of rabid press interest and the pressures on oneself and family I can fully understand how someone can lose their temper with the press. They are obscene. She shouldn’t have threatened them but I can see why. If she has committed a crime she needs prosecuting.
      I wouldn’t equate that in any way with the lies that Gove and Boris have trotted out. They did it with deliberate intent to deceive and have already cost the country billions. By the end of this farce they will have costs us hundreds of billions. They need holding accountable. I agree with Alan Sugar – they should be locked up!
      I don’t remember calling you a liar Anna. Is that in your head?
      I do call Tommy Robinson a fascist though – that’s just because he is.

  2. I agree, Opher, that lying politicians, no matter their political stripe, should be consequenced. As far as Brexit is concerned, I’m sure this deal pleases Putin no end as it will likely weaken Europe. That, in tandem with Trump’s many bromances with many world dictators leaves right-wing regimes and other extremists dancing with joy.

    1. Good to hear from you John. Yes I agree. Putin and Trump are loving it. I bet Germany and France are too, even though they’ll suffer from it. Anything that weakens the UK.

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