Time for a grown-up debate??

Now we know the economic effects of Brexit.

There will be a cost to pay for any type of Brexit. The harder the Brexit the greater the cost.

Some people believe that it is a cost worth paying.

a. Immigration

Being in the EU allows freedom of movement. Being outside could put a stop on that freedom of movement.

My view: 

I do not think that it is going to make much difference. Politicians of all hues want immigration in order to benefit the economy. We have had complete control over immigration from outside the EU yet that has been high and growing. Regardless of anything I reckon we will forge agreements with the EU to enable people to come in. I think a lot of the anxiety created by mass immigration has been concerned with Islam. People find Muslims alien and feel threatened. I do not think being in or out of the EU will affect that Muslim immigration much at all. If we do not have as much immigration from the EU we will make it up from other parts of the world. The politicians need them for the economy and will find a way. That might actually increase Muslim immigration.

Leaving will not solve the immigration problem.

b. Taking back control/Sovereignty

Although we make most of our laws through Westminster we, due to being in the EU, are subject to laws stemming from the European court.

My Views:

I do not care who makes the laws. It is the quality of the laws that is the important thing. The UK had a major input in setting up the European court and its mandate. I do not have as much of a problem with European laws as I do with the draconian garbage that comes out of the Tory Party. I’d rather be ruled by Europe.

c. Controlling our Borders

With freedom of movement in the EU we have limited control of who comes in and out regarding EU citizens.

My view:

I think this is a red herring. We could already opt in to law to give us more control – but we didn’t.

I value being able to travel, live, study and work anywhere in Europe. I think our kids benefit greatly from that.

d. The EU is a an undemocratic, political overbearing organisation which wants to become a superstate.

Yes it is undemocratic and has an overbearing nature. Yes there are views that it wants to develop into one superstate.

My view:

There are a number of things I find wrong with the EU. I do not like its undemocratic nature. But I think it is best to work on that from the inside and put it right.

I quite like the idea of a superstate. It certainly hasn’t done the USA any harm. It doesn’t mean we have to lose our national identity (not that I’m greatly bothered about that either). I think a superstate bloc would have great leverage and influence over the world. That could be very good.

I do not think that this idea of having a European army will get off the ground for many decades to come if ever. We would have to get a superstate firmly established before that happens. It’s a bit of a scare story (like 5 million Turks immigrating to Britain).

e. Economics

We were promised that leaving would give us a big dividend, that we were paying huge sums into the EU and getting little back and that three hundred and fifty million pounds would be available to spend on things like the NHS.

We know this is a lie. Brexit will cost us a fortune. There is a hefty divorce bill of anything up to fifty billion pound. On top of that we will have to duplicate many roles. There will be much bureaucracy involved in trade. Trade will be reduced.  Many firms will either leave or partially leave. Far from benefitting by leaving we will take a big hit. The harder the Brexit the worse the effect.

My view:

Leaving in any form will hit us in the pocket. It will cost us (at least our children) a lot of money. I find that utterly stupid. In order to take that hit we should have some major benefits. I simply cannot see where these benefits are to be found.

Brexit just looks to me like shooting yourself in the foot. I cannot see any benefit at all. All we are doing is isolating ourselves, fuelling up the racists and xenophobes, unleashing the bonkers nationalists, becoming inward looking and being a lot poorer in the bargain.

I think we should take a long hard look and a rethink – then a revote!

But maybe you feel differently – if so – please explain, rationally.

I'd like to hear from you...

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