The Journey – Pt. 28 – Egypt and the colossus of Karnack – Photos

Karnak was a fantastic place to visit!

Opher's World

Into the cauldron of Egypt or was it? Gun posts and guns, roadblocks and militia. It feels like a country at war.

Well in some ways it was. There was the searing heat, unlike anything we’ve experienced, and the militarisation. Every few metres there were stop checks with chicanes, road bumps, fortified positions, turrets with machine guns and stern-faced, heavily-armed soldiers. Every corner seemed to have a man sitting around clutching a Kalashnikov. A show of might? A land in torment? A country at war with itself? The heat was scorching. The sun seared your skin and drained the fluids out of every pore. But in other ways it was a cauldron of delight. Everyone we passed waved, smiled and seemed genuinely pleased to see us. Through the heat of the temples of Karnak and the tombs of the Valley of the Kings the wonders of the world were revealed…

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