White Eagle speaks through my Granddad – pt. 5

All the while the spirit is energising the body the field is kept well inflated and is your means of attraction to material life. In fact it is a most essential factor to life for according to the mineral cells your body holds so the field corresponds in light bodies. For instance if your earthly body has a 1000 cells of chalk or lime then the field will possess a corresponding number of cells to match.


The growth and expansion of your body can only take place through your mind. When you are sick your mind is the healer. If you attract to your mind a thought of dislike to any food or mineral then the body is upset and the stomach is made to vomit. If you like a thing by your mind then your body is in harmony and thrives upon it. Sickness, man’s greatest sin, is always from his mind unable to work with the field because it is choked with colour that does not belong there. If your mind is true and vibrating proper thought then and then only sickness cannot prevail. The spirit, the minds, the body are individually yours and your responsibility in all that they do. Reaching out from its own self to sow its own seed and reap its own harvest; to trespass, to steal another man’s seed can only bring sickness and unhappiness in the long run. How often have we heard the Lord’s Prayer forgive us our trespasses as we forgive them that trespass against us? Every brother and sister trespasses against each other through lack of understanding.


It is only through lessons that you are enabled to unravel the great weaving of life and that which appeared to you a mystery is clearly shown. The Great Spirit is omnipresent, ever waiting to help you and guide you, to comfort you in your every task, but remember you must attune to him and allow the real you to be guided by him for without him we are lost.


Beloved, I have built for you a picture of man according to my awakening, man as I perceive him upon my own consciousness. Each man is different from each other, some are near alike but not identical, even to the prints of his flesh you will see there is a difference. Yet we shall all progress to like one day, for we shall all pass through the same states of evolution to the same thought, the same love and light.

2 thoughts on “White Eagle speaks through my Granddad – pt. 5

    1. Well it certainly was nice to read the tolerance towards others of different race and colour, creed and religion. That was certainly unusual for that time.

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