My Granddad the Spiritualist Healer – pt. 3 – The Spirit Builds

Well it goes on. I hope this makes sense to you. I’m still every bit as cynical.

The Spirit Builds


Let us look at man and try to perceive him as I do through my vision, which laws have helped to awaken in me. I find that there are three main parts and each a manumit; as it is impossible to see the Great Spirit we can only symbolise him with a cross, which I am sure you will agree is a foundation to start from. Taking the cross as our symbol let us now ensconce it with a body light of intense white to which I cannot hope to understand at my present state of life. Neither do I know its building or its make-up. Around this is a body of mercury which possesses a great force of magnetic rays and light, and appears to receive all its energising power from within.  This body is a great vault of life and power and is built up of omnific cells, and surrounded by facets in which your every life is stored.

The Great Spirit is omnipresent with this body and radiates a great love through it.

Surrounding this are seven light bodies of colour in the same sequence as that of a rainbow, and are each a mind. They can work separately or together asw a whole, and are built up with light fcells in which omniform atoms can live protected by molecules. The light bodies remain always with you but the colour cells change with every evolution and thus enable you to attune to different states of progression. Embracing the colour minds is an ethereal body of light fed and supplied by atoms from the great Solar Suns and planets. This body vibrates your plane of thought and attracts light sperms or stratomeds for the creation of thought that you wish to use. This is the first main part outlined to you, and should help you to understand the spirit a little clearer.

5 thoughts on “My Granddad the Spiritualist Healer – pt. 3 – The Spirit Builds

  1. Although the language is different, what he describes here are the seven chakras or energy wheels and their colours, and other components of our energetic body – aura, light body, the Source of Light, Life, energy and so on. Edgcar Cayce, the great American 20th century psychic and healer, also channeled all kinds of information whilst in a trance. His work survives as it was written down as he spoke. The Edgcar Cayce foundation is alive and well in the States. How fascinating, Opher! And what a shame that there is no more of his writings left. Who burned them and why?

    1. All I have left are these sixteen pages. Very frustrating. I would particularly liked to have read the Edgar Wallace books. My Mum burnt it all. I think she was suffering great grief at the death of her mother. She burnt everything.

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