We humans have reached the heights we have achieved through cooperation.
On that primeval beach I like to think that we reached back and offered a helping hand.
Friendship is the basis of our success.

Love, Empathy and Compassion are the greatest of all human affections, and Friendship the noblest and most refined improvement of Love. It matters not in which order they flow. By Friendship I mean the greatest Love and the greatest usefulness, and the most open communication, and the noblest sufferings, and the heartiest counsel and the greatest union of mind and spirit of which two souls are capable. At its heart lies Intimacy, for when we are intimate with someone we are simultaneously being intimate with ourselves. What emerges from this exquisite seduction is the Elegance, Grace and Splendour of a flowering Radiant Rose.


Thou fair-haired angel of the evening,

Now, whilst the Sun rests on the mountains, light

Thy bright torch of Love, they radiant crown

Put on, and smile upon our evening bed!

Smile on our loves, and, while thou drawest the

Blue curtains of the sky, scatter they…

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One thought on “Friendship

  1. Namaste Opher 🙂

    An inspired comment my friend – such depth of view, such reach of mind, expansive and expanding. The re-blog is most generous as is your style and natural disposition.

    ‘Friendship is the basis of our success’ – and always will be when we learn how to be together as one-people moving ever closer towards an understanding of Love and Compassion.

    Thank you for your Love and friendship Opher ❤

    Enjoy a wonderful weekend. Happy writing!

    Namaste 🙂


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