Why do we allow our children to be brainwashed in religious schools?

It is a simple enough question – what business do religions have in schools?

Education should be mind expanding – not a process of indoctrination.

I would keep all religion well away from children.

It is particularly worrying to see these Madrassas and Jewish Schools thumping religion into young minds. I find it utterly reprehensible.

Why do we allow it?

2 thoughts on “Why do we allow our children to be brainwashed in religious schools?

  1. I agree, Opher. My entire formal education took place within Catholic institutions and I taught in Catholic high schools for another 35 years. Mea culpa! I hated teaching the religion curriculum because I disagreed with so much of it. I remember debating the issue of inserting Catholic values and “truths” into all the other curriculum areas – this was at a Professional Activity Day. At one point, I stood up and asserted to the Board official chairing the session that there is no such thing as Catholic history. “However,” I continued, “if you’d like me to teach our students the bloody history of the Catholic/Christian Church, I’d be happy to oblige!” Glad I’m out of that charade. Organized religion is the greatest curse perpetrated by humankind.

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