Private Schools – Shouldn’t we ban them?

At the moment the elite take their kids to be educated in Private schools which are not subject to the same National Curriculum or regime of Ofsted inspections.

They have nice plush buildings, fancy equipment, small class sizes and personal tuition.

These Private Schools cream off a lot of the brightest students. They provide a great advantage and give better opportunities for the students of those who can afford to pay.

I think they should be done away with.

I say this for two reasons:

Firstly I do not consider it fair for the wealthy elite to be able to buy privilege for their offspring. I believe in fairness and a level playing field.

Secondly I do not believe that we will ever get proper funding for our schools or a decent curriculum while this elite do not have to put their kids into the system.

All children deserve to have a first-class education with excellent teachers, good equipment, in decent buildings and with a curriculum that is a lot more than just regurgitating facts for examinations.

The Tories have made State education into a sausage factory.

17 thoughts on “Private Schools – Shouldn’t we ban them?

  1. As a teacher in a private school, I am paid far less than I would be paid in a public school. Far less by a wide margin. I have 15 students vs 20-25, and my curriculum can be flexible to the interests of the children. For families, they want their child to have a rich education and more attention.

    Yes, I absolutely think all children should have the benefits of a private education. Until the country is ready to spend the money in children (as they do in Finland) I can’t see how that is going to happen so sad.

    1. Yes Jennie – it doesn’t make sense to me. Every parent wants the very best for their child yet they don’t seem to want to fund education properly. Education is the future and I believe every single child deserves the very best.

  2. Namaste Opher πŸ™‚

    The elitism I experienced first hand during a torrid 5 years being schooled privately. I was fortunate to have been awarded a top-scholarship else my family couldn’t have afforded the ridiculous expense. As it was they made great sacrifices for me whilst I, attired in second-hand uniform and appropriate sporting accessories from charity shops and thrift-stores did my best to fit in. The experience seeded my socialist perspective in as much that I grew to detest the unpalatable arrogance and ignorance of those who came from privileged backgrounds, who flaunted their wealth but who were hollow and wizened inside. Of course there were characters who despite their parents wealth remained grounded in reality, but they were the exception to the rule.

    I am grateful to have had the experience – grateful to my family for all they sacrificed for me – but whether it has served me well personally, or whether indeed it has provided further opportunity is another matter. I left private school following O’ levels to take up a place at my local comprehensive, which I thoroughly enjoyed like a breath of fresh air and achieved far more academically than ever I did before. I felt stunted not expanded by the experience of public school. It is the quality of the teaching staff that is far more important than manicured lawns and a plethora of playing fields. In fact the only thing I really did miss from my days at private school were the quality of the teas provided during cricket matches, they were exceptional πŸ™‚

    Hoping all is well up north and you content.

    Nos da dude. Namaste πŸ™‚


    1. Welcome Dewin – thank you for your contribution. It is a view that I too hold from my limited knowledge of private education. I met the products and was not impressed.
      Hope you are well. How is the book?
      Cheers Dewin.

      1. Thank you for providing a platform for others to air their views on these important issues. Education is the key-stone of our future and must be addressed accordingly.

        I am reasonable condition thank you lol πŸ˜€

        My book – Wizard Of Wands: Book 2 – progresses at a snails pace – more as a consequence of other pressing matters rather than laziness or procrastination. Your book however is being greatly enjoyed and savoured….it’s a good read, a good story, and whilst I’m very tempted to turn to the last page seeking revelation on three approaching spheres, I have thus far contained my enthusiasm and curiosity. I hope for a little uninterrupted time to take in the remaining pages and will be back here to comment on it when finished. Your book has inspired several ideas of my own already, thank you! πŸ˜‰

        Keep rocking ‘n’ rolling! Namaste πŸ™‚


  3. Hey Dewin,

    Dialogue is always better than conflict, eh Dewin?

    Glad to hear that you are doing well.
    Sometimes life gets into the way of writing. We persevere through the frustration. I look forward to Vol 2.
    Glad you are enjoying Conexion. I am working on editing the next two. Hopefully soon they will see the light of day.
    Hope you enjoy the end.
    All the best to you! Keeping on doing it!

    1. Namaste Opher πŸ™‚

      ‘Dialogue is always better than conflict, eh Dewin?’ Without reservation, I couldn’t agree more. The people of Earth have shed enough blood serving those whose wickedness has for far too long dictated terms to the vast majority whilst increasing the wealth of the vast minority.

      Life is a roller-coaster that one just has to ride. There is no getting off until journey’s end: but what a glorious ride it is whilst here visiting planet Earth.

      I don’t imagine Volume 2 of Wizard Of Wands will get an airing for a while yet. Perhaps by Spring is will be sprung with just the artwork staying it’s publication.

      Ah two more in the Conexion series?? Excellent….then I will look forward to reading those as well. I read using a book-light, which illuminates your text perfectly with shades of colour not dissimilar to moonlight. Good luck getting them to publication. I will undoubtedly enjoy the ending…unless the ending is merely the beginning of the next adventure? πŸ˜‰

      Love and be Loved. Namaste πŸ™‚


      1. Dewin – enjoy the ride! What a journey. Such beauty and awe. So amazing to contemplate.
        I can see that Wizard of Wands 2 is going to be as good as the first.
        God’s Bolt – which I am presently working on – is not quite in the same series but has many similar features. I am also working on the sequel, which I am printing out right at this minutes so it can go for editing.
        The ending is not a new beginning in that sense. Lol – you’ll see. I hope it all makes sense.

      2. I’m strapped-in the cock-pit with engines warming ready to rocket! I know you know that feeling better than I…writers, poets, artists, all creative, these are the people who experience life swimming in a beautiful ocean of shock and awe πŸ˜‰

        One would hope, WoW Book2 will be an improvement on the last. Should funds allow, I’ll get this one edited lol πŸ˜‰

        God’s Bolt is a great title! And you a prolific pen-man – sometimes I truly wonder at the pace of your output. It is sensational to say the least.

        Have you ever considered publishing your books in audio-book format?

        Of course the books will make sense….spell-casting is your speciality, Wizard that you are πŸ™‚

        Happy writing good friend.

        Namaste πŸ™‚


  4. Dewin – you certainly can’t beat that feeling when you get in the groove. Sometimes I feel I could write for days on end without stopping. The ideas take you over.
    Sometimes, reading back, the outcome is not always as good. But I have learnt to enjoy editing my work too even though I still miss a lot.
    Best of luck with WoW2. I can sense you get into that groove! When that happens you know all is well. It works through you.
    Happy writing to you too!

    1. Were it not for the occupational hazards of life extended periods writing would be entirely possible. There have been occasions when leaving one’s mistress unattended incites panic and despair! But such is the nature of loving what one does πŸ™‚

      A good friend of mine – a published poet held in high regard – once suggested at an occasional preference to not edit their work: hinting that over-editing removes something unfathomable but yet essential in a piece of work – that letting go of the idea of perfection – the notion of something being overtly precious – demonstrates maturity and mastery of one’s craft. Perhaps their comment is a lesson to be discovered and learnt: I know I have a way to go yet! πŸ™‚

      ‘In the groove’…well, I think I’m getting there and am on the right track anyway, which for the immediate is fine by me. You however, spin like a LP with the volume cranked up to 11 πŸ˜‰

      Indeed, have fun writing, happy scribing! Enjoy your evening.

      Namaste πŸ™‚


      1. Yes always life intrudes. But I have found that when there is solitude often the intensity diminishes.
        Interruption seems to intensify my appetite.
        We work with what we’ve got and make the best of it.

      2. Indeed, certain distractions do sharpen the focus, but yet equally, certain disturbances also diminish the light.

        ‘We work with what we’ve got and make the best of it’ – wise words from a great teacher.

        Namaste πŸ™‚


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