Theresa May – the lust for power!!

Having made a complete fuck up of the whole Brexit shambles due to her lust for power. Theresa now finds herself clinging on like a bad stain in the toilet bowl.

Who else is there? Boris? Gove? Rees-Mogg? If any of them took over half the party would walk out. She’s already pandered to the far-right of her party far too much. That’s what got her into this mess.

Is there anybody left in the party who isn’t a complete bastard?

Under the fog of Brexit they’ve been dismantling the country and selling it off to the rich. She resides over a country where the likes of Scudamore get a £5 million backhander and 1,500,000 are destitute not knowing where their next meal is coming from. All our public institutions are being wrecked and our public servants relying on food banks.

The rich evade paying tax and the poor are in dead end jobs working long hours for peanuts.

Here’s a few images from the web to cheer you up.

3 thoughts on “Theresa May – the lust for power!!

  1. You think THE WORLDS FOURTH MOST DANGEROUS ANTI-SEMITE Corbyn as declared by The Simon Wiesenthal Centre is the man, the Jew Haters and those that follow him. Remainers have brought this Country to the verge of Trouble that we will never have seen before. You don’t like anyone disagreeing with you and you don’t like as you say “abuse” its all you do about those that voted DEMOCRATICALLY, look up the meaning of the word to understand it, you TRAITORS to Great Britain love the EU so much but won’t live there, hypocrites the lot of you. You think this is the end, its just the beginning.

    1. All a question of perspective Anna.
      I have repeatedly asked you to provide one single anti-Semitic act from Corbyn. You have failed. I haven’t seen one either. It’s a fabrication. There’s not a racist bone in the man.
      No – it is the mad Brexiteers with their foolish nationalist nightmare that has caused all the problems. They are after breaking the country. Sheer madness. Driven by fear of immigrants, Islamophobia, arrogance and racism. (Oh, I forgot – attacking and vilifying Muslims is not the same as doing the same to Jews.)
      No that is not the Britain I want my grandchildren to live in – a xenophobic, insular and much poorer place.
      BTW – I don’t have any problem with people disagreeing with me as long as they do it without personal abuse. Unfortunately Brexiteers and Tories can’t seem to manage that. They have resorted to threats and all manner of abuse. Where’s the intelligence in the debate?

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