Focus – at the Welly in Hull!

The Dutch Masters of Progressive Rock played a magnificent gig at the Welly. Their largely instrumental set was full of all the usual trademarks – the fabulous flute playing, yodelling and weird vocals of Thijs van Leer. He even managed to play Hammond-organ and flute at the same time!
Pierre van der Linden, from their early days, was on drums and was immense as usual.
Menno Gootjes on guitar was incredible! One didn’t miss Jan Akkerman at all! He was superb at both the driving Rock and softer atmospheric material.
Udo Pannekeet was a revelation on bass. His six string bass was played so effortlessly and to such good effect. The intricate bass patterns were so complex, sophisticated and unique. I was well impressed.

I must admit I went along to this gig with some trepidation, All too often these old bands can become rather tedious cabaret – regurgitating their hits with neither passion or any new creativity. But I was blown away.

They had it all – power, passion, progression and polish! The creative drive was still there as was the enthusiasm.

Thijs might not look quite the same as he did in the 70s but he’d lost none of his amazing skills and the band were even better than they had been back then!

Here’s a few photos:


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