America Midterm Results – A perfect Result?

I was watching the American Midterm elections with some trepidation. After all, when the President pees it tends to come down on our heads!

I think the result was about perfect.

If the Republicans had taken both the Senate and Congress Trump would have been unleashed to carry out all his dangerous policies without hindrance. His campaign of fear and hate would have worked. He would have become even more extreme.

Fortunately that didn’t happen.

If the Democrats had won both houses with a landslide then they would have become complacent and not taken the steps necessary to counter Trump’s re-election in two years.

Complacency is not an option. It is no good simply having the policy of opposing Trump. It would be a disaster to simply trot out Hilary again and Bernie is too old.

What the Democrats need to do is to sort out a credible candidate and a set of coherent policies that people can get behind. This may well be the impetus to do that!

So this is perfect.

Trump will now find his more extreme policies are restricted and his power is diminished. We may well find that his tax evasions and other sins are going to be exposed so that people wake up to the true nature of the man. He will be reined in.

The Democrats need to wake up and face the dragon with purpose and intent. They need to get onto the front foot and present a positive message of hope with a set of great policies and a credible candidate.

The heart of America is still beating. Compassion and caring hasn’t completely died. Fear and hatred do not rule with impunity.

I sense the fight back and a glimmer of hope!

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