The truth.

Aaah the truth!! Is there such a thing?

What do we know?

We know we exist. We are not sure where. This could all be an illusion on many levels.

On the quantum level none of this is what it seems.

We think the universe exists. We think there is time. We think we are not alone. But nobody can be sure.

Some believe in a superbeing who made all this. Yet they have never even glimpsed him.

Some believe this superbeing wiped out two cities for living in a way that displeased him. I think that is rubbish.

Some ask the question as to why this superbeing has not wiped us all out because we are living in a worse way than those living in Sodom and Gomorrah. Could it be that the superbeing does not really exist?

All truth is belief.

Sometimes I do not believe the truth I believe in. I only think I think therefore I am not certain I am.

We’re all just playing with philosophy. But I like playing.

We’re all just living a life that we accept as being real. It may not be.

We all have our beliefs. Even if they are based on little rational substance.

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