The Genesis of Jimi Hendrix: Part III

The latest well researched stuff from Old Time Rock And Roll! Jimi Hendrix was a genius!!

Old time rock and roll

Be sure to read Part I and Part II before continuing onto Part III…

When the show had arrived in Music City, “Gorgeous” George Odell, MC/singer of the tour, was in search of a skilled guitarist for his backup band. As if meant to be, this was around the exact time that Hendrix wanted out of his contract with the Club Del Morocco and was now on the hunt for a fresh gig. When the two eventually united, Odell quickly confided in Hendrix that he was invited and welcomed to join the tour, but that Odell would not be able to afford to pay him. Hendrix, who had become acclimated to living a life on little to no means, agreed to the arrangement, asking only to be fed and allotted the opportunity to play live.

This offer would transition into Hendrix’s initial experience as a true touring musician. “His first…

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