Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt

Thanks Dave. You captured him. Vonnegut for me was a writer whose writing was so simple and easy to digest, so full of humour and observation and so insightful. He cut to the core. That is so incredibly hard to achieve. I love him.

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It was good to find that people share my enthusiasm for Kurt Vonnegut. He has a clever knack of cutting through to his readers which is, I would argue, rooted in a great respect for and sympathy with them.

A bit like Dickens, or some avuncular old relative, he makes a habit of taking you by the hand and walking you round his stories. No matter how strange or far-out his subject matter, it becomes as real as something you have experienced yourself. And just like Dickens he’s always there beside you – commentating, wise-cracking, drawing little morals – infuriating, I guess, if you prefer an author to be unobtrusive and fiction to be like looking out through a clear window.

Kurt can’t keep quiet.

There was much more to it than simple technique, however, because above all Kurt Vonnegut cared about what he wrote. He burned with moral anger…

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4 thoughts on “Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt

    1. You are welcome Dave. A great article. I just love Vonnegut and the deceptive simplicity of his writing. It is so good and full of insight and humour. I nearly got to see him once at York Uni in the late seventies. He was doing a lecture to the students and a student there promised me a ticket to sneak in but it never happened.

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