A message for American right-wing climate change deniers and those who claim there is no overpopulation problem.

Particularly in the USA there are groups of extreme right-wingers who are in complete denial to the catastrophe going on in the rest of the world. They are fed a series of lies from right-wing/religious websites with political agendas, that they quote regularly as indisputable truth.  All other news is considered propaganda put out by left-wingers. They live in a little fantasy world cut off from reality and manipulated by devious people like Steve Bannon and Trump.

To them there is no climate change.

There is no overpopulation problem.

There is no environmental crisis.

There is no extinction catastrophe.

They live in their little bubble cocooned away in the US and never see the problems. They want to build walls to keep out the rest of the world and never stop to really think about what is driving this mass migration. According to them it is not anything to do with overpopulation, war, exploitation or the environmental changes – it is poor leftist governments creating shithole countries.

You seriously need to wake up and grow up. You also need to travel more and see what is going on in the world out there. Get out of your silly bubble.

Over 50% of invertebrates and vertebrates have been wiped out in the last 40 years and you don’t think that’s a crisis?

Wake up.



Or don’t you do real news? – Just right-wing garbage. I could put up a hundred such reports from a range of different sources and I can back it up with my own observations.

This politicisation of a serious issue is stupid.

Likewise overpopulation. If you had walked through the hovels in Africa, Asia and South America and witnessed the squalor, disease and abject poverty, the housing conditions, pollution and congestion, the misery and exploitation, the environmental catastrophe as nature is hacked back and all animals killed for food, for sheer desperate survival, you would not be so silly as to come out with glib political garbage.

4 thoughts on “A message for American right-wing climate change deniers and those who claim there is no overpopulation problem.

      1. I think the demons of Trump and Brexit are going to be difficult to bottle up again. Pandora certainly does have much to be responsible for.

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