Governing All The People! Compromise is the Essence! Inclusivity Is Essential!

The major problem with democracy is that we are always ruled by a minority who impose their narrow dogma on everyone.

When was the last time that any government had a majority of the people voting for them? Has it ever happened? I do not think so.

If we take any election and take the whole electorate as a hundred percent even in a binary election, such as the EU referendum, it is a minority who wins.

The EU referendum had a 72.21% turnout. So the results were (rounded up):

27% – did not vote     35 % voted remain   37% voted leave

A minority of just over One Third of the eligible electorate voted to change the whole future of the country.

The last general election 2016 only had a turnout of 68%

32% – did not vote    29.2% – voted Tory   27.5% – voted Labour

Yet the Tory government, with the support of well under a third of the electorate, has a mandate to put in draconian ideology.

It is the same in the USA:

61.4% turnout

38.6% – did not vote         28.3% – voted Trump        29.6% – voted Clinton

Trump got in on a minority vote with just over a quarter of the electorate.

This is democracy!

Whatever the outcome of an election the majority of the country are simply ignored.

This does not feel right to me. Surely the majority need to be listened to and their views taken into account,  and compromises sought?

What we are increasingly getting is division and hatred. What we desperately need is consensus and compromise!

4 thoughts on “Governing All The People! Compromise is the Essence! Inclusivity Is Essential!

  1. Good post, Opher. I realize that low voter turnout is a big problem in every democracy, but your thesis here is valid no matter what the statistics say. An elected government must work to represent ALL the people by using the art of compromise and being respectful of other no matter their political stripe.

  2. Tory party are profit over people. The policies are not for the people they work for the wealthy corporations. and have completely destroyed the lives of the generations that are without hope of even basic quality of life.

    1. I quite agree. It is about time we had a government that worked for all the people. This ideologically driven bunch of self-servers need kicking out.

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