The Creation of Life

The Creation of Life

After all the gases and dust created by the Big Bang had swirled its way into galaxies and coalesced into stars the remaining debris orbiting those suns was attracted together through its own gravitational pull to form the planets and moons.
The Big Bang occurred 13.8 billions years ago – a length of time too long for human minds to grasp.
Our planet formed 5.2 Billion years ago.
For 1.7 billion years it raged, boiled and shook as a ball of molten rock with an iron core.
Finally it developed a crust and became cool enough for the creation of life.
Through the searing heat, UV Light, hard radiation, electric storms that bombarded the poisonous atmosphere of methane, ammonia, hydrogen, nitrogen, and water vapour, along with the catalysts of silica and metals, the simple chemicals fused into the building blocks of life – the protein chains and RNA bases.
It took a billion years or so.
The complex organic chemicals built up into a soupy broth in those primordial seas.
All that is possible will happen given enough time. And time there was.
Simple organisms of protein were formed. Then RNA was incorporated to provide greater organisation. One can only wonder at the extraordinary role of chance and unlikeliness of circumstance that conspired through those billion years.
What we know is that 3.5 billion years ago, when conditions had calmed, the first simple, one-celled organisms based on protein and RNA were created. The DNA came later.
Life was a single cell. It prospered and multiplied and evolved for nearly 3 billion years until the planet was a mass of microscopic bacteria-like organisms flourishing on the soup and each other before developing the means of harnessing their own energy through chemosynthesis.
Then the ability to photosynthesise mutated and the atmosphere changed, the oxygen providing greater possibility.
The creation of life was a wondrous thing. One wonders how many other times anything as astounding has happened in this universe. But then time is immense and chance plays its part. In a universe of this immensity we are almost certainly not alone.
Creation might even be easier than we think and a fairly common occurrence. Time will tell.

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