Evolution and Natural Selection

Evolution & Natural Selection

Evolution is not Natural Selection.
Natural Selection is merely the means through which evolution is brought about.
Evolution is the consistent change in the numbers of a gene within a population. If it is increasing or decreasing as a percentage the population is evolving.
If a new gene mutation comes along and bestows an advantage on individuals that increase their chances of surviving and having offspring then that gene will be selected and become more prevalent in the population – its numbers will increase – the population will be evolving.
All life is constantly evolving.
The great thing about evolution is that it is inherent in all living things.
When mankind has successfully eliminated all the plant and animal life on this planet, along with himself, it will not matter.
Even if we had flooded the world with a radio-active dust storm, eradicated everything with drastic climate change or polluted the air into unbreathable poison, it will not matter.
Deep in the ocean mud, in the rocks themselves are bacteria that can survive virtually anything. As long as we leave them a planet they will evolve and in a few billion more years they will, through natural selection, have evolved into an array of life every bit as wonderful as that we are now destroying.
A billion or two years from now a completely different intelligent creature will be studying the fossils and wondering how we messed up so horribly.
Hopefully, second time round, natural selection will have created an intelligence that was less cruel and stupid.

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