Good News on the Writing Front!!

I have been very busy writing this summer!

I have produced not one but two new Sci-fi novels.

My novel Conexion is away being editing still. When I get it back I shall address all the issues and then publish. I am hoping that will be out before Christmas.

I just completed the first draft of my latest Sci-fi book – God’s Bolt – at 1.30 last night.

I was discussing this at length with my other editor yesterday. I am starting the rewrite. When that is complete I will pass it on to him to edit. I am really pleased with the way it has gone. Out of our conversation I got the idea for an interesting sequel. Early this morning I was driven out of bed to map it out. As soon as I have the other two finished I will start to write it.

Exciting times. The juices are flowing!!

I have two other books sitting there from a while ago. The Nick Harper book still resides with Nick. The guy doing the layout was ill and unable to do it. It is now awaiting action. Nick is so busy I haven’t had time to discuss it with him so I don’t know when that will see the light of day.

My Roy Harper book I was very happy with but Roy wasn’t. I’m still thinking about whether I should do a rewrite.

That’s all for now folk!! Productive times!!

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