Hatred Rules!! What next?? Civil War??

I think America under Trump has sunk to the lowest it’s been since its despicable treatment of lies, cruelty and genocide meted out against the Native Americans. That’s saying something.

Morality has gone out the window. Tribalism rules. Both sides are playing the nasty game.

I’m glad I don’t live there. If the American forum I post on is anything to go by there isn’t any common sense or rationality left. It’s a lawless nest of vicious vipers all feeding off fake news and conspiracy theories pumped out and powered by cynical lying internet sites with agendas.

Looks like Trump’s tactics of division and hate has eaten the heart out of the place. Everyone at each other’s throats and no holds barred.

What next? Civil war?

4 thoughts on “Hatred Rules!! What next?? Civil War??

  1. Opher, on September 10th, you made a post titled Native American Indians – A story of genocide and betrayal.
    On September 12th, I posted in a short essay containing a number of correction points focused towards the inaccuracies found within your original post. I’m sure that you will be able to recall that in short, the vast majority of Native Americans, some 90-95% died due to disease and not from any kind of genocide. There was no such thing as any genocide practiced as can be determined by the genetic DNA make-up of America’s citizens today.
    I would advise you to go back and read that post again to familiarise yourself with these very imporatant facts and details so as to avoid any repetition of the above on this post.

    You have also made a fundamental mistake with the belief America has reached it’s lowest level. That is completely untrue and can only have been back in the Johnson and Nixon Vietnam era, or before during the McCarthy Communist hunt and trials.
    The most powerful media outlets in USA today are all owned by the leftist liberal classes representing the Democrats. Their TV stations are broadcasting hate 24/7 and it’s relentless. Meanwhile Trump and the government have succeeded in gaining the highest votes of confidence any President has had in some twenty years. The economic figures speak for themselves. This of course makes the angry and violent left-wing even more angrier.
    They hate President Trump because: 1. He’s white. 2. He’s male. 3. He’s heterosexual. 4. He’s Christian. 5. He’s the alpha male of alpha males. 6. He’s unafraid to say things that are politically incorrect. Hearing the truth frightens them. What if he inspires others to do the same? 7. He’s stopping illegal immigration. The left needs the votes of poor immigrants and gives them resources in exchange for their votes. 8. He’s rebuilding market economy leading to fuller employment and exposing those not capable of competing for a good job or wanting to work at a full time job. 9. He’s a threat to those profiting from the bloated government bureaucracy because of his deregulation policies. 10. He’s a threat to those wanting to move toward a one world government where international bureaucrats make the rules. For example, the European Union. President Trump is working for America first. 11. He’s against identity politics that turns groups of people against one another to the advantage of the political and wealthy classes. 12. He’s a winner and inspires competition and hard work in a world where so many worship participation trophies and equality of outcome rather than equality of opportunity.

    Your American forum – just the one? – is by no means any indication of anything. All it is is representative of people who like to argue on a forum. That’s all it is – completely meaningless conjecture and an indication of nothing. Quite how that could determine whether one were to live a country is beyond questionable. I think you very much over estimate the power of some opinionated websites. There are thousands and thousands of them and there’ll be another thousand by this time next week.
    There is no such thing as any Trump tactic of division and hate. That’s another media myth.
    Believe it or not, most Americans are extremely happy with the way things are going.
    Every month Black American and Latino employment figures increase. This hasn’t happened for three decades. Nobody can argue with that and if they do there must be something vicious and nasty about them to want to disrupt that pattern of events.

    1. Lol – we’ll see how happy they are in the midterms shortly! Personally I think the man is a disgusting creep and his policies are complete bullshit. Thanks for commenting.
      BTW – I don’t agree with you about the Native American Indians either.

      1. Naturally, “we”, does that include you living in England? already have a fairly strong indication of that, not that it really matters. What matters is what’s going in people’s wallets and there’s no complaints on that front. My son is $125 dollars up a month than he was before excluding real pay increases. I believe that to be indicative in general. The policies are certainly working, no doubts about it.
        How do you know he is anything of a disgusting creep? Isn’t that just excuse terminology to determine where your allegiances may lie? By all means you cannot support the guy or maybe even dislike him, but terms such as what you are using are exactly the reasons that give the right-wing reason to strongly object about the behavior of the left. It really doesn’t help anyone. You must have been watching too much CNN or such garbage. Trump doesn’t make any difference to you now. He will do later though when you guys are free from the shackles of EU hypocrisy. For sure he’ll be your best friend.
        Don’t you people have your own issues to deal with as what seems as reported here as some dangerous communist Jew-hater Hamas supporting guy looking to become your countries leader? Sounds like a cross between Mussolini and Hitler. Lol.
        I think I’d have Donald Trump anytime soon before a guy like that.

        I don’t understand how you could not agree with the facts of the matter about the Indians. What’s not to agree with? This isn’t a matter of opinion or likes and dislikes. This is a matter of die-hard scientific facts. Cold calculated written on stone facts.
        The DNA blood trails tells us all there is to know.
        Aren’t you the one who brought out that old fairy tale about sick blankets?
        Did you honestly believe that? I really can’t believe that. A child mind maybe but a fully fledged adult, I have difficulty with that. I believe you to be therefore under educated on this matter.
        The countries DNA analysis tells a completely different story. I think you need to study the science of genetics and maybe that’ll help you overcome the John Wayne nonsense fed as a diet of “baducation” for several generations of rednecks who similarly think as you do too. It’s a bit like trying to prove there really ain’t a tooth fairy, but there you go. In truth your knowledge base here is proving to be detrimental to your cause – if indeed you possess one of any kind of altruism towards the Indian cause – and all the more perplexing that bona fide evidence was explained to you and you still didn’t get it. You cannot defend that of which you do not understand.
        All I can suggest is you go read my piece again then do yourself some serious thinking then you might just get it. Any scientist would confirm that. They discovered it, they reported their findings. Everybody knows this, at least those that should know.
        What you have just said here is tantamount to claiming the earth is flat. We all know what our regard is for these folks, don’t we. Avoid.

      2. Timothy – I base my views on Trump on what I see, on how he behaves and what his policies are. I do not like the way he conducts himself. I do not like the divisive attitudes. I do not like his deliberate stirring up of hatred and violence. I do not like his childishness. I do not like his tantrums. I do not like his lies. I do not like his morals. I do not like the racism or misogyny I have heard. I do not like his policies.
        The stupid denial of global warming is just one of his stupidities.
        He is generally seen as a joke over here.
        Yes – in the short term there will be a boost – much more to the rich than the poor. In the long term the bill will have to be picked up. Deregulation, health and safety cuts, environmental relaxation and tax cuts all produce a bigger bill further down the line.
        There’s much more to life than money. Never have I seen a country as heated, divided and emotional. He is largely to blame for inciting that.
        Fortunately I see from the polling that he is the most disliked President in history – few have dipped below his ratings except at the very end of term. So most Americans agree with me.
        The Republicans are currently languishing 14 points down in the midterms.
        No your opinions are not facts. I have read many other facts. The facts differ depending on the sources.
        I believe smallpox and measles were actively used against the Native Indians as well as war. It was genocide. Yes most died from accidental contact to Western disease. Not really the point though is it?

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