Life Alone – a poem

Life Alone


Abused, confused, misused

Accused, defused – should have been used.


Unpaid, mislaid, betrayed

Unplayed, delayed – sometimes just afraid.


Depressed, unblessed, oppressed

Unpressed, redressed – never yet successed.


Delayed, death-rayed, near slayed

Non-upgrade, Mondayed – can’t remember what I sayed.


Sad, bad, no-good lad

Had, glad – it’s just a fad.


Lied, tied, untried

Fried, pride – fighting on whose side?


Opher 1985



This is a blast from the past. A colleague of mine sent me this school magazine through from 1985. The poetry week was organised by my great friend Tony Marsh. I miss you mate! I used to contribute!

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