Brexit – the latest polling position.

The evidence is that a majority of voters would vote to remain in the EU if given the chance to vote again.

Those young people who didn’t previously get a say would now vote 7 to 1 in favour of staying in the EU!

It seems that it is the elderly population, who aren’t going to be directly affected by the disastrous economic outcomes and lack of opportunity Brexit will create, who are intent on inflicting it on the young.

Shame on them!

Clouded by nostalgia for a world that never was, and a huge fear of immigration with racist overtones, they are choosing to throw away our children’s future.

I say that we should listen to the young – those most affected by Brexit!

I think they deserve another vote!

19 thoughts on “Brexit – the latest polling position.

  1. How dare you call those that voted for BREXIT as Racists, you can deny all you like its exactly what you are saying. So you as an OLD person really don’t count then, only the young count. Well perhaps you should propose a policy that all the OLD be put to sleep now. Its clear in your thinking that the Old which you are one remember have no right to be alive. Who do you think created everything that was good about this Country, who do you think gave you the Freedom you have. In a few months time its Remembrance Sunday that means nothing to you obviously, remembering all those that gave their Freedom for ours. Come off it Opher you know why you did this because of my blog I put out, you are
    so predictable. You don’t agree with the result of Brexit, too bad, I did not want to go into the EU but it happened and we just got on with it. Now we have these “spoilt brats” who didn’t get their way and are continually moaning. The Young, they have to make their way as everyone had to, for someone who detested Blair/Clegg and Major – A TORY – you will go and agree with them. Don’t use the young as an excuse, you always do. You live in a small village not in a Town or Village where the muslims outnumber the other people living there, try living in those areas where the walls state “NO WHITES AFTER 8pm”, I know I would not put up with it nor would you. “In a World that never was” well I remember better than you how things were growing up in the 1950s, youngsters had a better chance then unlike now where the Country is full of illegals/where violence is spreading all over the country/where muslim rape gangs still operate how much more do I have to say, oh yes women were treated with respect and women did not degrade themselves they had decorum unlike some of them now. – next you will be blaming BREXIT for all the crimes and the rape gangs. Just can’t understand as you hate this Country so much and all it stands for, why don’t you move to Germany or Denmark etc. Sometimes I really wonder about you.

    1. Now you see Anna my post was not full of overemotional angst. It was a rational look at the situation.
      Yes – many of the people, by no means all, who voted for Brexit did so out of racism, Islamophobia and xenophobia.
      You highlight that yourself with this exaggeration about no-go areas and rape gangs.
      Why don’t you move somewhere to escape these rape gangs and no-go areas?
      Yes I presently live in a village but I’ve lived in a city. I’ve friends and relatives who live in the cities.
      Yes there are problems that need sorting out. Perhaps it the Tories hadn’t made such savage cuts to police we might have less crime?
      No the 50s was not a wonderful time. It was full of poverty, racism and violence. There were not the same opportunities as now. You really do have rose-tinted glasses.
      Yes it is the old who voted us out. They won’t suffer the economic decline or our loss of power. The young were overwhelmingly remain and they are the ones that are going to have to live with the mess created by the Brexiteers!
      Britain is my home. I’m not moving and I’ve a right to my views as much as you have of yours. And I’ve got the majority of people on my side! It is this minority who has caused so much damage to this country and are supporting such horrendous right-wing fascists, nationalists and xenophobes.

  2. I dont know why people should vote on such things. I can’t understand the mindset. If decision will going happen in such a way then why to elect mps and etc.
    This systen has more disadvantges then advantages.

    Sometimes freedom eats the freedom.

    1. Bhudhi – a succinct observation. Sometimes freedom does eat freedom. It was a big mistake to give a peoples vote on things they could not understand. I don’t think the politicians understand it.
      What we had was a referendum offered in order to keep the Tory Party together.

  3. I would have to agree that characterizing the Brexit vote as racially motivated is a convenient straw dog. Regardless who rules in Westminster they’ll just as likely drag their feet and ignore the vote same as the last one. I composed a poem on this titled Brexit…..regardless which side you come down on it is a frustrating affair for all concerned

    1. Ale – it is an extremely frustrating affair. But I am in no doubt that the main drivers for Brexit were:
      Fear of Muslims (terrorism, sharia law and rapists)
      Wanting sovereignty back
      Frustration at what politicians are doing – allowing immigration, austerity, and not looking after people

      The sad thing is that Brexit will only compound the problem.

      1. If they had a general election tomorrow the Conservative would win again but let’s suppose they had another referendum and the country again voted to leave what then or they voted to remain what then. Any scenario will see the country divided and as we have seen around the world that ends in civil war, don’t think it couldn’t happen here.

    1. I don’t think the Tories would win. We could get a hung parliament though. I’d settle for that.
      The whole idea of Brexit was Cameron’s way of appeasing the rabid right of his party in order to keep them on side for the election. He did not expect to win that election. He thought it was going to be a hung parliament and he could ditch the referendum and blame it on the LibDems. It all went wrong. Now that extreme right-wing is running the country! They make Cameron and Osborne look sane.
      The country is now horribly split and we are heading for a disaster. IMO
      going out will appease the lunatic fringe of the Tory Party, make us all a lot poorer, reduce our standing and power, create an inward, xenophobic country and be a very retrograde future.
      I’m all for a second referendum.

      1. Looking at the present situation I can’t see how anything can get through parliament. My views are not wishful thinking – they are pragmatic. We have to solve an impasse and avoid a disaster.
        The Tories have been a disaster already. Brexit would finish it off.

      2. Well the perfect solution, let’s not let realty get in the way like the latest poll suggesting the Labour Party has managed something no other opposition party has done before in making a party as unpopular as the May government after 8 years in power odds on favourite to win the next election

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