Ten of my best hates

Ten of my best hates.


I stole this idea off Calensariel. It was a great idea. Well, it wasn’t so much a steal as a borrow and adaptation. The idea set me thinking. This was something that I did not want to do lightly. The things you love and hate determine the person you are.

These are the ten things I detest most:

Cruelty – particularly to helpless animals.

Violence – I think it is primitive. There are better ways. War, thuggery and brutality are almost invariably wrong.

Greed – people who think that the purpose of life is to take everything they can at the expense of others.

Megalomania – the people who will do anything – lie, cheat and kill – in order to get to the top.

The misuse of power – the way certain people wield power for their own interests and do not care about the damage they cause to others or the environment.

Mindlessness – which produces music, films, soaps, books, fashions and lives of such shallow superficiality that they reduce the magnificence of life to dross.

The destruction of the planet – deforestation, pollution, and irresponsible dumping. It is a tragedy. It is short-sighted. The destruction of habitat and butchering of wild-life makes me want to cry.

Superstition and indoctrination – I believe religion does far more harm than good. The intolerance, arrogance and dogmatism is appalling. Indoctrination of children is child abuse. From the hunting of rhinos to the slaughter of infidels it stinks. Jihads, crusades, pogroms, inquisitions, witch-hunts and beheadings. The destruction of historic sites. I believe there is no god and that religion is man-made. The sooner we give up on that the better. Now spirituality …..

Overpopulation – It robs us of a future, uses up resources, creates pollution, destroys the environment and traps us in huge claustrophobic cities.

Poverty – there is no need for it. It is a result of the economic model we choose to adopt where a few reap trillions while billions live on the edge. It disgusts me. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Disease – It may be natural and inevitable but disease is a breaker of hearts, an ender of lives, and a creator of misery.

Isms – the isms that create inequality, injustice and unfairness – sexism, racism, fascism and intelligentism (I had to make that one up). I think the only ism I like is pacifism.

Those are the things I spend my life opposing, fighting and attempting to put right.

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