Support Democracy!! – We need a Second Referendum!!

What Union would go off to negotiate with their employer without going back to ratify the outcome with the membership?


When the country went to vote on Brexit everyone had their reasons and nobody had a clear idea of what we were voting for. Now we do.

There were lies and false information.

What is quite apparent is that things have not turned out how we were assured they would.

We are looking at an outcome that is the least worst of the many possibles. Before we jump off the cliff I think we all deserve another vote.

Is this outcome what the Brexiteers wanted? I think not.

Some wanted sovereignty.

Some wanted control on immigration.

Some did not like the EU.

Some just wanted change.

Some were taken in by the promises and thought we’d be better off.

Some just wanted to kick politicians up the arse.

Different people wanted different things. Now the reality is exposed. Nobody realised the huge costs involved – the divorce bill, the cost of extra customs, the extra bureaucracy, the enormous costs of duplicating all the shared institutions and extricating ourselves from joint ventures. We will be doing immense damage to our economy. There are going to be tariffs, difficulty in movement and many firms are heading out to Europe. Brexit is a disaster.

People are beginning to wake up to the reality. It isn’t anything like the extreme right-wing Brexiteers promised. It’s not simple. It will leave us much poorer. It puts the union of the UK at risk.  It’s a mess.

On top of that there is no majority in parliament for any type of Brexit. We are in an impasse.

This whole Brexit stupidity has already done a great deal of damage to the country. It’s time to bring it to a head.

People are waking up. There is now a clear majority for remaining. It is time for democracy to break the impasse and put us out of our misery!

It’s time to allow democracy to do what the cabinet are incapable of! The Government is inept. Let the people decide!

Let’s have a second referendum and get it over with! Democracy is the key!

13 thoughts on “Support Democracy!! – We need a Second Referendum!!

  1. There was a vote in this Country of ours, YES or NO. The NO Vote Won, by a majority. There is no second chance, I have never in all my life heard of such rubbish as that of those demanding a second vote, its like naughty children throwing their toys out of the pram because they will not get their own way. When we have the General Election and the Party one votes for did not win, I don’t ever recall the cry for “Another Vote we won’t accept this decision”. When Margaret Thatcher became Prime Minister of this Country there were those opposed every time to her, but was there a demand for “Another Vote” no there was not. When Ted Heath as PM gave us the vote to join the EU or not, we ended up joining the EU and all the trouble and waste of money it has cost this Country, but those opposed to it, just accepted that decision and got on with it, no public outcry of “Another Vote” was heard. These days it seems to me people are so vicious if they don’t get their own way they demand everything go their way. Well it can’t. – BRTEXIT is here thats it.

    1. No Anna. What has become quite apparent is that this is suicidal for this country. We are shooting ourselves in the foot. Already we are suffering with the pound diving, prices rising and our economy slumped bottom of ALL the EU countries.
      Now we know what the situation a lot of people have woken up to just how damaging this is. They didn’t vote to put millions more into extreme poverty. They were promised improvements. It was lies.
      Nobody talked about the huge costs of divorce bills or extricating ourselves from joint ventures.
      We now know that no position or deal on the EU has a majority in parliament. It is stalemate.
      Now we know the reality it is democratic to have a second vote.
      If you think it is such a good idea what are you afraid of?

  2. I don’t pretend to have any expertise on this topic, Opher, but I am a free trade advocate and in looking at the costs Brexit has already and will impose on the British people in the future, I think that it might have been wiser to work toward fixing your relationship with the EU.

    1. Me too John. I think there are many things wrong with the EU. Too much immigration is high on that list. But I’d much prefer to be inside putting it right than outside suffering with a severely damaged economy.

    2. John, there is nothing to fix. They are bullying monsters.
      Do you realise that our former PM Cameron requested better deals on no less than 73 occasions and was denied on every one. They don’t care and are only interested in stuffing the Bundesbank. Germany has a mass-migration programme to pay for.

      Anybody who wants to be in the EU really has no idea. None of them can ever tell me the name of the President of the EU Commission or what they do. We send them millions and get nothing back.

      1. Rubbish. Just go round the UK and look at the plaques with all the schemes they have funded. We get loads back. Then look at the many joint schemes and enterprises. The EU has been a wealth creator for everyone. This cynical right-wing baloney is what is causing the problem.

    3. No you don’t understand John. We had/have nothing to fix with that lot in Europe. What costs, you mean all the lies that those opposed to the democratic vote of those that voted for Brexit are spreading around. I have asked Opher this question so many times and he always refuses to answer, changes the subject – if those that don’t like coming out of the EU are so desperate to be part of Europe, then LEAVE THE COUNTRY AND LIVE IN EUROPE, what the hell are they remaining here for. Its so bad here so many British are coming back. You should take a close look at the wonderful Europe – Germany/France/Belgium/Denmark/Sweden/Holland just to mention a few. The people have had enough they will be fighting on the streets they are already. The wonderful Europe and that stupid Merkle who invited the Worlds illegal immigrants to flood the rest of us. Answer that one. The EU has been an utter mess and the British will survive, despite those that keep knocking this Country of Ours.

      1. Anna – that is so rude. This my country as much as yours. This is my children and grandchildren’s country too. I want a future for them and a good one. I am fed up with aggressive Brexiteers being rude and obnoxious with derogatory names.
        Why can’t we have reasonable discussions instead of all this heated nonsense.
        I greatly dislike many aspects about the EU but I am totally convinced that leaving is going to ruin this country. It already is. Prices are rising, house prices dropping, firms going and wages depressed. The only people doing well are the top 1%. That is where the problem is. All this is for them!
        Now – if I am convinced that leaving the EU is going to make us all a lot poorer and ruin the country why on earth do you think I do not have the right, as an Englishman, to fight for a better future? I don’t want us becoming a second-rate country with no power, no influence and with an economy that is shot to pieces.
        I don’t know what I have ever failed to answer. If it is the lies put around by the Brexiteers I don’t think I’ve ever ducked that.
        a. Lies about us being better off – Boris’s lying bus – £350 million a week to the NHS. It has already made us a lot poorer. It hasn’t even started yet. House prices dropped. The pound dived, prices are shooting up, wages are depressed and jobs are going abroad. When it finally happens companies will flee and we’ll be the low-pay gig economy the elite want us to be.
        b. The Turks – all looking to join the EU and come to England. How many million of them was it? Scare stories and lies – they will never join the EU.
        c. Immigrants are all rapists, criminals and terrorists – lies.
        d. Muslims – flooding into the country and wanting to introduce Sharia Law. Lies. They make up 5% of the population now. Most of them don’t want Sharia Law.
        e. The process of leaving will be easy. What a farce. Extricating ourselves is costing us a fortune – a £40 Billion divorce bill, cost of duplicating hundreds of institutions.
        f. There won’t be a downside – all those shared projects, funding, freedom of movement. Science. Technology.
        g. It will solve our immigration problem. Ha Ha. We have complete control over immigration from outside the EU and that’s gone up. The truth is that we need it. Our institutions can’t manage without it – the NHS. We need labour for building, agriculture and hundreds of other things. We’ll just end up with immigrants from further afield – Africa, India and Middle East.
        Is that enough to be going on with??
        I’d have a bit more respect for Brexiteers if they admitted that we’re going to be worse off but they thought it was worth it.
        As I said at the beginning of Brexit – it will not solve any problems and it will make us all poorer! It’s stupid! And I will fight to put it right. All it is doing is putting some extremely nasty right-wingers in charge of the country!!
        If and when we come out I will fight to get ourselves back in!
        I think Brexit is the most stupid thing we have ever done!

  3. Opher, We won’t have a severely damaged economy! Where do you get such bad information. I think you should find out more about UK’s deals that are already in place just waiting to go live.
    There’s nothing to talk about anymore. We’ve left already at least in spirit and good riddance.

    1. I know we have a severely damaged economy. The Tories have made such a mess of it for the last ten years and Brexit bounced us right to the bottom of the heap. Perhaps if they had invested a bit instead of giving tax cuts to their rich chums we might be doing a bit better?

  4. What am I afraid of?? I am not afraid of you and I’m certainly not afraid of leaving those money grabbing morons in the EU. What undemocratic people like you do not understand is we had a legal Vote in this Country, simply IN or OUT, the majority voted OUT. What is it about that you just cannot understand in your brain. Any General Election you do not get to bites at the apple, or perhaps now if you don’t like the next Conservative Government you will ask for another VOTE. We are out of Europe, you and all the others acting like spoilt brats will spread any lie you can to cause alarm. Its not working Opher, get over it.

    1. But you are afraid of putting it back to the country now that we know what is involved!
      There’s IN and a whole load of different OUTS. Which one did you vote for? How do you know all the other Brexiteers voted for the same OUT?? Such a close vote and so many different reasons.
      Parliament can’t decide. It needs to go back to the people. Many have woken up to the economic chaos of Brexit and realised that it does not solve any problems. The pendulum has swung. If you are so confident put it back t the people to decide. It is all our futures at stake – too important for this silly tribalism and fear.
      Yes we do get another vote when we have general elections. We’ll probably be having one soon and get shot of these extreme right-wingers who are intent on wrecking the country.
      Yes you are running scared of immigrants, Muslims and terrorists.

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