The Philosophy of Life and Education

The basis behind everything is philosophy. You have to start there. You sort out your philosophy and everything else evolves from that.

The philosophies I applied in my career were simple and basic. They stemmed from my upbringing, my beliefs and my experience. Above all my experiences in the world of education have added spice to my views. They are the same values I bring to all of my life: I did not need any religious moral code to arrive at it. It is pure common sense:


Everything should be fair


All people are equally valuable


Living things should be respected


Everything can be made better


Education should be fun and expanding


That is all. Everything stems from this; all the systems in the school; the way lessons are run; the way miscreants are dealt with – everything.

14 thoughts on “The Philosophy of Life and Education

  1. I have to laugh. Really I do. I’m just after reading your page on Van Morrison.
    Yet you say above “Education should be fun and expanding.”
    Well, what happened to that concept in practice? It certainly looks as if you are not indeed speaking for yourself on that. Here you were with a most learned person and your attempts to subjugate his most interesting and accurately well founded information.
    I’m beginning to have very serious doubts about you.
    Your responses just simply cannot be that of an ex-head teacher. A sneering, I-know-more-than-you-do – but you obviously didn’t. How shameful of you.

    1. There’s education and stupidity isn’t there? When someone sets off down a track without engaging the brain the result is a nasty collision. When are you going to grow up?
      What are you trying to pick a fight about?
      Fact – there were multiple charts.
      Fact – they were finally made into a definitive one – based on the Record Mirror in 1969.
      Fact – the BBC used the Record Mirror charts prior to 1969.
      What the fuck is there to get your knickers in a twist over. You do like blowing things up don’t you? What’s your aim?

  2. You’re right, of course. That’s where we all should be coming from. And no, you don’t need a religion to get get there. But all philosophies can come to that same conclusion. Yours and mine. I think it’s built into us.

  3. I agree with all your points. But what exactly makes these points valid. Why is it that everyone is equal? A person with more money has more power, which automatically makes them superior, yet we are all equal? Men have more body mass compared to women, which logically makes them physically stronger? Yet we are equal…

      1. Of equal worth. I think it is our quality as humans. It is a basic philosophy that I believe. Some people inherently believe that some people are worth more than others because they are more intelligent, faster, more graceful, possess great skills or are more beautiful. I don’t. I have an inbuilt feeling of fairness that pervades my life. I revere those humans who achieve great things but I do not believe their inherent worth is any greater than anybody else.

      2. I agree with you. All humans are equal, but then again on what basis. Morality? Humanity? Why are we equal? Why should we be equal? Some questions can’t be answered with logic.

      3. I think you are right – it may not be able to be explained logically. It is a philosophy of intrinsic fairness that I buy into. I believe it has a moral basis. But that is a belief.

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