No Knighthoods for Tax Avoiding bastards!!! Time they paid their share!!

Well I’m stunned. Who would have thought that the establishment wasn’t falling over themselves to reward them for their greed, selfishness and ingenuity?

All these wealthy bastards who are busily avoiding paying their taxes – the big businesses and celebrity individuals who are scamming all of us. They are effectively stealing.

So the cabinet receives a list of celebrities with red, yellow and green labels that indicate how crooked they’ve been.

Poor David Beckham didn’t get a knighthood just because he’s stuffed his loot off-shore! I bleed for him!

Then there’s the cast of Mrs Brown – all stuffing their loot into tax avoiding schemes!!

Well I’m sick of it!!

How come these people think it is alright to earn millions and pay less tax than a nurse?

Why do the governments repeated say they will stop all the tax loopholes and yet it goes on and on??

Why are all these obnoxious companies like Apple and Amazon getting away with murder??

Stopping these cheating bastards from getting OBE’s and Knighthoods is just not good enough!!

Stuff up the holes!! Let’s have some social justice!!

16 thoughts on “No Knighthoods for Tax Avoiding bastards!!! Time they paid their share!!

  1. I don’t believe in the Honours system period, as you know. Lets be fair though Opher its not just the existing Cabinet that give the honours, Labour do their share as well, and as many crooks are in that party taking the Knighthoods etc. I agree these Tax havens should be stopped, you mentioned the cast of that awful “Mrs Brown” programme – the majority if not all of them are Irish are they not allowed Honours from this Country, that creep who plays the main character stores his fortunes in Australia as well.

    1. No I don’t believe in the Honours system either Anna. And I think those tax loopholes need shutting down! It’s not right that these corporations and wealthy people get away without paying their fair taxes. They are stealing from the rest of us.

  2. Well, you too can make a difference by not using that daft silly nonsense Facebook and Twitter. I’m sure I’ve seen side posts visible from you with some comments or other on these formats. They’re all owned by the very same corrupt and twisted bunch and I wouldn’t touch them with yours.

      1. I’m terribly upset at the sad news of the cast from Mrs. Brown not receiving their knighhoods. For god sakes, Opher, do something!

  3. Daphne, there are very few businesses that one uses that they do not use Tax loopholes. Even in the road where I live I know there are those who pay little or no Taxes because they use the loopholes. As for Facebook/Twitter, sorry I have my purposes for using it. Trust you were not being serious about the Mrs Brown cast, made their money from other peoples work. Honour system should GO along with the Royals, this Country of ours will never move on away from the Class system until the Royals are no more.

    1. Anna, whatever your purposes are and also for Opher’s claims of not giving them money, what you are effectively doing are supporting them. These are the people who are determined to decimate our freedoms of free speech and they have started to do so already. For instance, new laws were just passed in Canada for what they term as “hate speech”. Quite who determines these guidelines and what their political agendas are is anyone’s guess.
      They have started to close down many social commentators on the YouTube channel, owned by the same people, for saying the truth about how corrupt these people are.
      Perhaps you might not be familiar with the current worldwide debate on the activities and agenda of Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of Facebook. I suggest that you look into this as it makes for very interesting reading. These people, like him, affect every single detail of our basic freedoms in life today. They are so all powerful and carry great influence and indoctrinate all our media outlets with political agenda lies, fake news and false representation. They are the scourge of humanity.

      I can also give you exact specifics.
      Were one to stand up in UK today and say in public that they hated Islam and hated the Islamic indoctrination of children and hated Muslim male rapist gangs, they would end up in court and could in fact be sentenced to a maximum of three months imprisonment.
      Were one to stand up in UK today and say in public that they hated Christianity, nobody would pay the slightest bit attention. Anyone can say all the hate they like about Christianity.
      These people are extreme left-wing politically correct control freaks who are intent upon ramming their decimation policies down everbody’s throats and turning our British culture into dust. These people are the biggest threats our nation has had since Nazism. This is in fact a new form of Nazism, the only difference being that this time it’s coming from the left-wing of the political machine, rather than the right, which was where Nazism did in 1931. These people are insane.

      Sorry to go on a bit, but I really felt it needed explaining and for the two of you to know just what exactly you’re giving credibility to.
      Please stop, for all our sake.

      No, Mrs Brown’s cast was a joke. As if…

      1. Daphne – I despise those organisations as much as anyone but I don’t see why I should restrict my life because of them.
        I don’t mind stopping hate speech though. I’m all for that.
        I can stand up and say I hate Christianity, Islam and Judaism. That’s fine. I say that regularly. But if I was to promote violence or intolerance towards them that is a different matter. I don’t. I am tolerant of other people’s beliefs even if I think it is daft or unpleasant. Hate is not about criticising; it’s about incitement.
        Freedom of speech – but not freedom to incite hatred, violence or coerce.

      2. Let me correct you on that standing up detail.
        You could NOT stand up in the UK today and say you hated Islam. That is incitement to what they profoundly stupidly term as “racist hate speech”. They don’t care that Islam is not a race. They just hi-jacked the term to make it easy for themselves. So now everybody else follows suit and when hearing the slightest negative comment on anything to do with questioning Islam and it’s political slants and it’s hugely negative impact on diversity – they instantly get slandered by the sheeples as racists. You’ll find these rather dim-witted and certainly at least of low intelligence individuals every where. All over our TV’s and newspapers. They get given a platform, of course, to freely expand upon the narrative of the taboo. “Don’t say anything nasty about Islam” because if you do “you’re an Islamophobe, you’re a racist” etc., etc. It’s horrendous.
        They’re at this agenda 24/7 because that’s the agenda. Fill the country up with the obediently political. It’s a no brainer and perfectly evident for all to see. But we have had our rights of objection removed from us by these leftist insane nutters and now have the full force of the law bearing down on us. 1984 has well and truly arrived and it’s all happened in the last three years. But everybody was too busy with EU and Brexit, that they missed it.
        YouTube just closed down completely – I mean completely – Alex Jones’s InfoWars channel. It’s been going for years and he’s nailed so many rotten apples to the cross and they hate him for it, so they’ve cut his umbilical source to the public. They’d do the same to you were you on YouTube calling people out or making clear your hatred of Islam. Eventually they’ll get around to bloggers.

      3. I say it on this blog regularly Daphne. I hate Islam, Christianity, Judaism and all other religions. I find them all offensive. But I do not hate Muslims, Jews or Christians and I am not intolerant to their beliefs no matter how unpleasant I think they are.

  4. I’m confused, scratch that, it’s you who is confused and have confused yourself and are attempting to confuse me.
    Be careful or the far-left will have you up for “attempted confusion”.
    Opher, do you want to write that again “But I do not hate Muslims, Jews or Christians and I am not intolerant to their beliefs no matter how unpleasant I think they are.”

    You know what intolerant means? How can you be “not intolerant”?
    I think you meant simply “not tolerant”.
    At least I hope that is the case, otherwise I read that to mean that you are quite accepting of Islam stoning women and chopping off hands and feet. Surely not?

    1. Daphne – of course I am intolerant of actions such as their gross misogyny, stoning of women, aspects of sharia law, chopping off of hands etc. It’s disgusting. But I am not intolerant of anyone believing in the Koran or being a Muslim. They can believe whatever rubbish they like as long as they follow the laws of the land.

  5. Opher, I forgot to cover that point you made that said “Hate is not about criticising; it’s about incitement.
    Freedom of speech – but not freedom to incite hatred, violence or coerce.”

    Indeed. However, look at the numbers of people who have been hauled in for questioning and in some cases jailed just for criticising.
    I’m sure you’ve heard of Tommy Robinson. So much complete garbage has been pinned on him by some seriously nasty bastards. He has never expressed any hate speech. He has never been charged with such, because they can’t charge for what’s not there as there’s no proof and there’s no proof because he didn’t. But he’s been slaughtered by them for asking questions, for wanting people to deal with situations that they’re employed to deal with. He’s criticised police too many times and they hate him and so run him through the legal mill. He’s just had The Daily Mail, a journalist whose sleeping with the Political Editor or something, print that Robinson beat his girlfriend up. Incredible lies and he’s now due a major payout. It works both ways as they’re printing inciteful hatred.
    It could happen to anybody and what we’ve now got is a whole legion of far-left politically correct to the letter, very nasty, bordering on wicked, witchfinder generals intent on wrecking anybody who asks too many awkward questions.

    1. Daphne – Tommy Robinson and the EDL are people I’d want to be associated with at all. He should have done what the court told him to do and he wouldn’t have been locked up.

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