The Hut Pople at the Beverley Folk Festival

Well I must admit that I’d never heard of them. I hadn’t a clue who the Hut People were. Sam Pirt and Gary Hammond were an unknown group sandwiched between Edwina Hayes, Eliza Carthy and Michael Chapman so I did not quite know what to expect. Whatever I might have imagined it certainly wasn’t what I got. They were an unexpected delight! I have rarely come across anything quite so strange innovative and interesting. They immediately grabbed your attention and held it with their unique and wacky approach. It is almost impossible to explain in words.

The Hut People consists of a percussionist and accordion player with a bit of strange Step Dancing and slapping thrown in. They do original compositions using rhythms gathered from all corners of the planet with Folk Songs as their basis. I have never seen such an array of weird percussion instruments and never heard such peculiar, and highly effective sounds. Somehow the strange percussive instruments, weird sounds and the accordion gelled together to create a unique and captivating sound. It was varied and never failed to hold your attention. There was as much of a visual element as musical and their personalities shone through.

Then there’s the Step Dancing complete with slapping! Not seen anything quite like that either!

I’d certainly go out of my way to see them again. They were enthralling.


4 thoughts on “The Hut Pople at the Beverley Folk Festival

      1. They certainly were and good to find new acts too. We enjoyed the amusing and satirical act of The Bar Steward Sons of Val Doonican at Cropredy. A Barnsley group and my friend had taught one of them.They were a great festival act and with reviews outdid the Levellers but that was because we were all waiting through rain and 7 degrees for a lively set. The Levellers sat down with more orchestral numbers!

      2. Yes – I caught them in York as a support for the North Mississippi Allstars and they were superb! I’ve been looking round to see when they are on around here and they haven’t been. They were brilliant. What superb spoofs.

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