The Fog of Brexit Hides Tory Disasters.

There is a huge fog that is covering the land preventing us seeing what is really going on. Everyone is so consumed with Brexit, with all its implications and ramifications, that nothing else is getting any attention.

The Tories have spent a decade eroding services and transferring cash as they dismantle the state and transfer the money into the pockets of the rich.

In order to finance income tax cuts and corporation tax cuts they have robbed money from all public services.

What state is the NHS in and how much privatisation is now going on?

What state is education in? How many schools are now run by big business? How many schools are in the hands of religious bodies?

What state are our prison services in?

What state are our courts in?

What state are our social services in?

What state are our railways in?

What state are our local councils in? What has happened to libraries? Potholes? Youth Clubs?

I think that the Tories have been able to get away with this terrible ideological ransacking of our services because their destruction is not being given the attention it deserves. Brexit has completely taken the attention away so that the real problems are being hidden.

3 thoughts on “The Fog of Brexit Hides Tory Disasters.

  1. Unemployment down to 4%, the lowest since 1975
    65,000 people found jobs in July 2018
    But why would the Left-Wing be interested in that?

    The whole of the Remainer’s contingent within Government, Judiciary and in particularly the Left-Wing are infected with a Dangerous and Deadly Disease called “Musulmanus Praeceptis Marxistis Innixa”, (Muslim Marxism) found among groups of Generation Jelly Progressives and they will not stop until each and every person is infected.
    Generation Jelly Progressives. Dictators who talk about democracy in the act of destroying it.
    Nothing is crueler than a coward.

    I like the phrase “Better the Devil You Know”, because the alternative can always be worse.

    Morgan Stanley says that the election of Corbyn would be more damanging to the world economy than Brexit.
    Jeremy Corbyn terrifies me, but even worse is his Shadow Chancellor (wannabe finance minister) John McDonnell. This is a guy who, when asked what his inspirations for his economic policy were, on a mainstream TV programme, replied:”Marx, Engels, Lenin”.
    McDonnell is also the misogynist who favoured stringing up a female political opponent.
    Maybe it’s best just leave things as they stand.

  2. The way I see it is it’s now time for a whole load of people to remove themselves from the process. I don’t want to hear anymore from them. I want to live the rest of my life without these fuckers interfering anymore with my life.
    I really don’t see a way out of this mess. I agree with many people’s thinking that the West is already dead and you can’t fix what’s broken, build something new. This is what the baby boomers handed us, but at least they had plenty of sex drugs and rock and roll. Now we are left with a trashed house from last nights party.
    Could the Mays and the Corbyns and the nutters like Abbott, and all their supporters from any side of all from this fossil mentality politics, I don’t care which, but could they all fuck off now and just go home and let the rest of us clear this mess.

    1. Unfortunately we are all affected by politics and we can’t really escape it as it permeates everything. One could retire completely from society (that was our idealistic fantasy back in the sixties) but I don’t think one really can.
      I can understand how you feel. Politicians have certainly fucked things up.

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