Featured Book – The Gordian Fetish – A Sci-Fi Novel – The Pen-name.

Interestingly I wrote this novel under the pen-name of Ron Forsythe. I had thought for some time that lumping all my various books together under one name was counterproductive. It seemed a good idea to separate the different genres out into distinct groups.

For that reason I decided to collect my best Sci-Fi Novels together under one umbrella name.

I selected the pen-name Ron Forsythe because Ron was my father’s name and Forsythe was my grandmother’s name. It seemed to go together.

This is the first of my Sci-Fi novels to come out under this name. I intend to select my best Sci-Fi books, re-edit, give them different covers and put them out under the same umbrella name.

Ron Forsythe will be my Sci-Fi writer persona.

If you are tempted to have a read of one of my Sci-fi books in either paperback or digital I have provided some links below:


My best Sci-fi books in the USA:


Ebola in the Garden of Eden










Starturn – Intergalactic Rockstar






Sorting The Future




My best Sci-fi books in the UK:


Ebola In The Garden Of Eden.




Sorting The Future








Starturn – Intergalactic Rockstar



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