Troll Attacks – Please be aware!!

It seems that my blog is presently under a constant attack from a particularly nasty troll.

I am receiving upwards of 2000 messages a day which are fortunately picked up by my Spam box. It’s a nuisance, nothing more, but means I cannot check spam for any wrongly assigned replies which is annoying.

I am also receiving a large number of negative replies on posts full of personal abuse and put-downs. This person assumes many different aliases but is the same person. The grammatical errors, personal knowledge, background knowledge and style all attest to that.

His aim is to cause upset and to undermine. He is a most unpleasant, morally corrupt and arrogant person.

Please do not be put off by this sick individual. Trolls have a bullying nature and love to exercise control.

Feel sorry for him. He’s a sad person.

I would like people to be aware that I am deleting all replies which have personal abuse. I have no need for such unintelligent bullying.

This blog is about sharing and intelligent debate. Please treat the blog with respect. I will reply with equal respect whatever your views.

There is no place on the web for bullying trolls!! They are scum.

15 thoughts on “Troll Attacks – Please be aware!!

  1. Opher, when I first saw this, immediately I was startled a bit because it had registered with me before that I was what seemed like almost the only person around! I only landed up here by chance a few days ago as I’m off injured with three broken fingers due to a crushing accident. Could I be thought of as a troll for talking about music stuff? So I looked around a bit more on other posts I’d not even looked at or seen over the last week. In among all the numerous poems posts and book ads where I don’t think I spotted any more than one or two comments, I had to screen back a week for any action at all.
    On grammatical errors – I’m full of them. I double-check nothing, it’s a blog reply, not a job application. I couldn’t care less if I miss a letter, confuse a there for their, use a comma instead of a period. I type so fast it’s too late, I’m too far forward. You should have a good look at your own stuff. It’s chocka-bloc with grammaticals. Everybody’s are as very few people take any care to write properly now especially on casual media formats such as this. On no two posts from me will you even find the same mistakes as I am so inconsistent. You’ve no idea what a troll is. I found none here. I did find people who disagreed with you, argued with you, rectified your bad information, and laughed at you. That is not the work of a troll.
    I’ve got to ask – who are you talking to? There’s only three or four people been here all week. I’m beginning to think I’ve been conned and somebody’s taking the piss.

    Email spamming. You need to work out what sites you visited and never go there again. You’ve left your ID on a site and now the victim of these algorithms you’ve been talking about. If you are getting 2000 a day that can’t be one troll. You’re being systematically deluged by a server. That’s highly unlikely to be the work of a troll.

    Of your blog in general. You really need to develop a sense of humour! I read some very funny comments and you met them with O. A big whopping silent O.
    You are useless at debate-chat. You aren’t doing any debating.
    You can’t take suggestion. Look at your stuff earlier on Bowie. To what extent does it take for you to accept what somebody else is telling you?

    I read back some posts on the blog and this is what I got out of it.
    One week ago there was one, “Female Make-up and sexuality – what is it about?”
    This was good. Some ladies hated what you had to say and complained about it giving their reasons for doing so. They had a lot of input worthy of discussion.
    What happened was Opher, you replied calling the best of them in terms of content of reply as rude, ill-informed, stupid, ignorant, hopelessly wrong and referred to as a dork and an imbecile.
    Her comment about losing all sexual attraction in a man once he opens his mouth and out flows a London-Estuary accent was classic and one of the funniest things I’ve read in quite a while.
    The Truther Science person (good moniker) said that your comments were shameful and you wanting to be Alpha-Male didn’t like people with good knowledge as they were a threat to you. This was evidently true in this instance.

    The next was “Niqabs and Burqas?? Was Boris Right??”
    Isobel Hamilton-Rudd destroyed your argument and any others very easily and was given no debate.

    Then “Youth Fashion”. This attracted the attention of ladies with at least two with great knowledge of this subject. One who I recognised from the previous Female Make-up blog. You were completely out of your depth. What would you know about the youth clothing market? A seventy year-old ex-school teacher versus women in the fashion industry in fashion magazines? You’re kidding me. Yet you dismissed their comments.

    Then “America Is Lost!!”
    The only person that said anything of any interest was mocked by yourself. Yet they knew a great deal more about what’s going on there – being American LOL, than you do. I was appalled. Strange how you behave all nicey-nicey to the religiously confused far-out Christian person who had not a thing to say, yet the main contributor got shafted.

    I was possibly responsible for some if not most of all of your recent unhappiness on your music section blogs. I am not, however, responsible for the fact that there are no other contributors on your music section blog other than myself.

    That Zappa post where the Zappa fan, Muffin something, suggested you talk about the band and you bluffed him off with “Why?”. Some debate!
    Nor any comment towards another later contributor who did have some things to say about the band. So, that was the end of that.

    You hated my comment about Billy Bragg being a band-wagon jumper. He is. I know he is. He always has been ever since about 1983. I know him, but don’t like him. He’s a fraud. You met him once. Great. I’m glad that experience was a big deal for you. Enjoy his music. I will never.

    You hated my review on Roy Harper’s “The Lord Prayer”., which I slated as an abject failure. You had virtually nothing to say and engaged in nothing of any debate except to make personal comments that the only thing that pleases me is myself. That was most immature.

    You disliked that I mocked Harper’s terrible chorus for his song “The Tallest Tree”. If anybody every thought “O Chico O Chico” represents quality songwriting of any kind, then I’d like to debate that. I have the time as I’ve another ten days recovery time.

    I made a comment that “The Garden Of Uranium” was very much a superior piece to “The Tallest Tree”, but there was no comment, nothing, no debate of anything.

    Your latent fascination with the work of Noah Yuval Deus with his Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow, 2015 and Sapiens: A Brief History of Human Kind, 2011/2014, have evidently had profound effect on you as you’ve no sooner read them and are now your’e proceeding to lecture all and sundry on their concepts. They were obviously a major epiphany for you, a rude awakening.

    These Desmond Morris – The Naked Ape, 1967 and The Human Zoo, 1969 are not worth much mention and were dismissed as archaic by too many others since to be worthy of much attention. A read maybe, but a comprehensive guide to our psychology, I don’t think so.

    Of far better use to any interested reader to understand the psychology of modern life are other publications, “I’m OK, You’re OK” and “The Road Less Travelled”.

    That’s longer than your blog Opher. That wasn’t my intention. Honest!

  2. Opher, I did have a struggle to suppress laughter with your comment “Trolls have a bullying nature and love to exercise control”, as you called that lady a “dork” and an “imbecile”. Let’s hope that faux pas slips silently into the depths of memory even though it will be forever more living on in digital memory.

    1. Truther – I would remind you that it is my blog. People who comment are my guests and I reserve the right to either answer in kind to rude guests or to delete personal abuse.

      1. Opher – I would remind you what I read and what anybody else had read. These women disagreed – quite rightly – with your and Morris’ antiquated beliefs with the insistence that every time a woman applies make-up this is sending out a sexual message. And you claim Trump is a misogynist? Ha Ha.
        My mother would never leave the house without her “face on” and when she did, I can assure you that it had nothing to do with sending out any sexual messages. She would never answer the house door were she not so prepared. Your and Morris’ understanding of modern woman is a short-fall disaster. These women told you so, but you refused to acknowledge them and gripped fast a hold of Morris’ 50-year old book as your defense mechanism. How intellectual of you. Your intellectual grasp may well be your nemesis and so chastened appeared to give guidance towards you choosing to stoop to the depths of personal abuse. That was crystal clear to see by anybody.

      2. Truther, as you like to be called now – well I would remind you that you and those ladies, if that’s what you and they are, completely missed the point. I don’t like rudeness or abuse thank you. If people cannot engage intelligently and civilly they are not welcome.
        An interesting discussion about female make-up and what it mimics does not require a rude abusive rant about female sexuality with a whole load of personal stupidity thrown in – which you seem keen to intensify.
        I don’t need negative shit on my blog thanks. I suggest you learn to be less rude.

      3. As I liked to be called? What an absurd comment as who’s going to know me if I didn’t use the same tag? I’ve been using this tag online since 1999. I do Political Science, but this isn’t a PS site, so I just whinny away a few loose mins on low-brow like this. I’ve visited much worse than this where the blog master doesn’t know the name of the week. It’s amusing. Your lack of emotional control is amusing. Your complete inability to ask questions is astonishing.
        Your personal attack upon my name serves no purpose other than to feed your adverse reaction to being reminded of your antiquity of mind-set. A mind-set set in stone by one book, written by an individual whom has since been derided in many circles for his somewhat simplistic analysis.
        Let me quote what you just said, “An interesting discussion about female make-up and what it mimics does not require a rude abusive rant about female sexuality”.
        These were your very words. By that were you saying that female sexuality has no place within this interesting discussion? I was never too certain as to what you were on about there or quite how there could be one without the other?
        Yet upon your claim that a woman’s backside “mirrors” her breasts – a claim made by you, not Morrris, you received adverse comment, but could not bring yourself to retract that idiot statement. You received a suitably weighted backlash that really should not have offended an Alpha-Male such as yourself in command of his subject matter. But the reason you got mugged over was because in actual fact you didn’t really know what you were talking about.
        You were determined to promote your theory, sorry, Morris’ theory, that women wear make-up today for exactly the very same reasons as their distant relatives as domiciled up in the caves did back in the eons of time. Your nth generation granny with a face like a monkey’s arse, had daubed herself with pigs blood, giving nth generation grandpa the keen eye and that’s what all you ladies are replicating today with your fancy face paints. Not surprisingly the ladies weren’t having it.
        Well done Opher.
        Yet you wanted to hold court on a subject that you most obviously have very little integral knowledge of, for example, your failure to realise the application of lipstick is an image of a responsive vagina. This was a much more recent display of femininity brought into fashion during the reign of Louis VIV (fourteenth, to you), the same guy that gave us the knife and fork and removed us from any similarities with third-world lifestyle. You knew nothing about that because it wasn’t found in Morris’ old book and if it’s not in that book, then you wouldn’t know about it.
        You claim to not “want negative shit on my blog”, yet proceed to promote in a manner which is clearly negative, then receive complaints, then consider them to be negative shit. You are a confused individual. Did it not occur to you that perhaps the manner in which you had made these statements may have raised a few hackles?
        Bit by bit, post by post, you retreated by claiming, “I didn’t mean that, I didn’t mean this, I’m not saying that, I’m not saying that women only wear make-up to entice men to have sex” etc. You ended up looking like that forty-year old virgin, which by all accounts you state is not the case, but there is certainly an element of intellectual awareness/education lacking from your sexual awareness psychology and that may very well stem from getting married as you did at such a young age as you stated in a post just a few days ago, or also perhaps that of your young partner. I wouldn’t know and can only guess.
        You now accuse me of rudeness. In actual fact Opher, I’m simply an observer. A commentator. But if you need to stick a big “rude” in front of that, cool. I could use it like that term “in rude health”, to “rude truth – no bullshit”. Thanks, that a cool idea and I may just use that.

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