Skills – a poem



We spend our days learning skills,

Practising and perfecting,

Taking pleasure in our progress

And achievements

Only to feel them slip away

Leaving us to wonder

What it was all for??


Opher 28.7.2018



Spending time with one’s grandchildren as they endlessly practice the skills they will deploy within their life; skills that might have application in work or leisure; skills that are for sport or education; one is left with bemusement.

As a child it was important to see how far we could spit cherry stones or pee up a wall. As a youth the ability to throw a ball or kick a ball, to do tricks and gain approval, seemed important. We learnt to read and write, to manipulate tools with precision and remember facts.

Now as an aging adult I find I have either lost many of those skills, no longer value them or have lost the capacity. It makes me question why they were all so important?

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