Brexit – Time for some Common Sense??

Good heavens??? Are we all mad??

They are cancelling all police leave because they are expecting civil unrest when we leave Europe!!

They are actually expecting things to be so bad, that a deal is going to be so destructive, that there are going to be riots!!

They are stockpiling Food!!!

They are looking at such damage to Britain’s economy that our food prices are going to rocket with major shortages!!

Is this what people wanted??

To destroy our economy and make us all poorer???

To reduce our power and influence in the world???

To allow a bunch of extreme nationalists to lie and scare us with exaggerated stories of immigration???

To lie to us about the money we would save??

To lie about all the costs of extricating ourselves from Europe??

To lie about all the wonderful deals that are out there to be made??

The Tories have made a right pig’s ear of the negotiations. We are on the cliff edge.

Now we know the truth about what is involved and have seen through all the lies put out by Boris, Gove and Mogg; now we have a better idea of what is really involved –

Isn’t it our right to have a chance to have a rethink?

Isn’t it our right to change our minds?

Isn’t it democratic to have a vote on the deal?

Shouldn’t we stop shooting ourselves in the foot, stomach and head?


I certainly don’t think I want to dump my children and grandchildren into a country that is going to crash. I want something better!!

I want to put an end to this Brexit madness. I want democracy! I want a vote!!!

What trade union would act this way? They would negotiate a deal and take it back to members to ratify – or not. The deal should be taken back to the people!

We have been lied to!!

Who on earth can think this is a good move??

4 thoughts on “Brexit – Time for some Common Sense??

  1. There’s no point is responding to any of your claims, suffice to say that they are serious stretched from the truth. If we left the EU today we would instantly benefit from around a 7-8% reduction cost of the price of food and everybody knows this already. Don’t you know that the EU charges a levy on all EU food trade that goes directly to their coffers ie. Bundesbaank? We’ve been shafted for forty years.
    You asked the question of what trade union would act this way. Is that the best question considering what trade unions did to our car industry and were the reason for them leaving these shores in the first place? You might need to roll back a bit and familiarise with the facts of the matter on that.

    1. None so blind and stupid as the blind and stupid are there?
      You really think food prices will go down???? Dream on!!
      Without trade unions we’d still be doffing caps and asking for a crust. Learn your history.

      1. Opher, I’m surprised that you do not know that the EU charges all member countries an extra taxation levy on a number of products. Namely, Food, Clothing and Footwear. We have always been paying something in the region of 8% over that obtainable on the world trade free market. Learn you history.

        May I remind you, without any need of cap doffing, that our gloriously enlightened Trade Unionists took our industries to the brink of extinction and we watched them leave our shores and slide easily over to France, Germany and Italy. Learn your history.

        The corruption bill in the EU is 32 BILLION Euro per year. There are enough funds siphoned off via corruption in the EU every year to save Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy. 85% of the world’s economy isn’t in the EU, so why do we need the EU?
        Why fly in a bi-plane when you can fly in a supersonic jet?
        You need to learn to leave the 20th Century and to not allow yourself to be prone to entanglement syndrome.

        Study up and take a good long look at the Futures Markets. They never discuss this on the proles-media. Specifically on Developing & Emerging Markets.
        This should tell you something and a lot more.

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