Medical Health – My views.

Medical Health

Yes I believe that everybody should have good healthcare.

No I do not believe that the rich should have access to better care. I think everyone deserves the best. I’d do away with all private services.

I think a national service such as the NHS is the most efficient and cost-effective way of providing healthcare.

Currently the NHS runs on 9.9% GDP compared to 16.6% in the USA, Canada, Japan and Germany.

We get an excellent service. Everybody gets it free. It is brilliant. I have had friends recently receiving excellent treatments and operations for cancer and heart disease. There is no worry and no cost.

Our NHS is underfunded at the moment. The Tory government has applied great austerity to all public services. It requires more funding. I would suggest that it needs to go to 12% GDP to provide a truly outstanding service for everyone – rich and poor, young and old.

Yes we do have to make painful decisions on effective treatments, operations and procedures. If an expensive drug or operation is not going to prove effective then we don’t do it. There is no open purse. Sometimes we have to turn off the machine. All countries do that.

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