Huge amount of SPAM!! How do we get rid of this annoyance?

It seems that some troll has fixed it so that every time I put out a post my blog is bombarded with SPAM by a bot. Around 900 spam posts clog up my spam folder following a post.

Now it only takes the press of a button to get rid of them but it is annoying. Every now and again genuine replies end up in the spam box and require rescuing. I obviously cannot do that as it would take hours to wade through all the spam in the box to find them.

So – firstly – I always reply to any message left on my blog. If you haven’t had a reply then I’m sorry. It might have ended up in the spam box and been deleted.

Secondly, if anybody has any idea of how I could put a stop to this trolling bot clogging up my spam box please give me a shout.

Thank you! Happy blogging!

6 thoughts on “Huge amount of SPAM!! How do we get rid of this annoyance?

  1. Geez, I’ve had a few bunches of a couple of hundred, but 900?! The Happiness Engineers are the WP helpline. You can contact them via your Dashboard. If you’re lucky you get to chat live, if not, they respond pretty promptly in my experience. Just go to the top right hand corner where it says ‘Help’ and off you go.

    1. Hi Raili – I’ve had over a 1000 today. I’ve tried a few things but nothing has worked yet. Thanks for that. I’ll give it a try.

      1. That’s shocking! Maybe your Akismet is not working properly. i have only had them a couple of times, weeks apart. Always 2 – 300. That’s bad enough 😦

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