Donald #Trump and the GOP Are #Terrorists

Well here you are – an in depth exposé of one of the most obnoxious regimes in the world. This tells it like it is. Thank you Tina for such a thorough job.


Donald Trump and his GOP supporters are terrorists.

Terror is defined as intense overpowering fear. Terrorism is defined as the systematic use of terror, especially as a means of coercion. A terrorist is defined as a person who employs terror, especially as a political weapon.

Millions in America and around the world are living in terror under the Trump administration. In the United States, seniors and the poor and disabled live under the threat of having our health care and housing ripped away. Congressional Republicans (GOP) regularly conspire, behind closed doors, to dismantle Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and many other programs on which the most vulnerable depend.

It’s infuriating to hear the GOP refer to these programs as entitlements. THEY ARE NOT. We paid in to them out of every pay check we’ve ever earned. Eliminating them is nothing short of grand theft.

Edmund Burke Quote Background image courtesy of Pixabay CCO


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4 thoughts on “Donald #Trump and the GOP Are #Terrorists

    1. Tina I was truly impressed with your clear writing. It was very pointed. Thank you for producing such a clear document of what is going on. Let us hope that consciences can be pricked, consciouses raised and compassionate change brought around.

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