More Tears of Shame …

It seems to me that Brexit and Trump have brought out the very worst in people. We have a new age of callousness, hatred, division and racism. What a giant leap backward.
The sooner we put a stop to this nastiness and start to care for each other the better.

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Trump signed an executive order earlier this week that did … nothing.  Nonetheless, that didn’t stop him from preening and patting himself on the back.  While thousands of children remain terrified and separated from their parents, held in old warehouses, tent cities, and wherever the U.S. government can find room to stow them.

Administration officials admit that there is no immediate plan to reunite these children with their families.  Melania Trump visits them wearing a jacket that says, “I don’t care, do U?”  Fox television host Brian Kilmeade says we should not be concerned because “These aren’t our kids … it’s not like he is doing this to the people of Idaho or, uh, or, uh, Texas. These are people from another country.” Members of Congress, congressional candidates, and the press have been denied entry to tour the facilities.  A senator was escorted from the premises by police…

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6 thoughts on “More Tears of Shame …

  1. OK, what we should do is stop paying out massive sums of pension money to pensioners and bring them back down to the average or better still do Means Tests on them to establish how much they can live on. We should tax all wage earners at considerably higher rates as they too should be only too happy to help. They really don’t need a life for themselves and should be giving 100% concern towards their new founded brothers and sisters from foreign shores who have rocked up to receive some love. Then with the vast amounts of extra cash we can give out to all the needy and greedy who’ve moved in to bag some of our generous social security allowances of free money.
    The fact that we waste and never see any return on some £6 Billion a year on EU migrants is too bad for us. We should be ever so grateful that they took the trouble to come to see us in the first place.
    Yes, count me in and here’s my last month’s pay check…

    1. No need to do that Andrew – just take a fair bit off the superwealthy bastards who are presently screwing us all for all they are worth.

      1. Going off-topic for a moment… I think I saw you recently bragging about something to do with thousands of blog followers, yet you seem to be constantly madly tangled up with this one person who seems to get a mention in what looks like 5 posts out of every 10, regardless of who it is making a reply. Seems a bit crazy nuts to me!

        Having read some of your other posts, it follows a pattern where you can’t see past the super wealthy. The trouble is with that is many of them in UK aren’t from the UK, so keep their money well away from here. You can’t tax what isn’t being earned here.
        The superwealthy have nothing to do with any of the services that you use anyway and operate on an entirely separate level. They’re already paying a great deal of money for that privilege and by no means have they taken something that otherwise could have given to somebody else.
        Your real target should be the tax dodgers which you will find in all walks of life throughout society at large on all levels.

      2. Yep – hit the tax dodgers – the bastards like Mrs Brown and all those footballers, businessmen and entertainers who put their loot off-shore. Billions stashed away and successive governments do nothing about it but hammer all those poor guys at the bottom who they castigate as a lot of scroungers.

      3. And what will we be left with? Something akin to Labour’s 1960s-early70s where everybody who was anybody scarpered out from the country and followed by the creation of all these tax-free havens! Yes, that’ll work…
        Obviously you’re clutching at last bastion straws with that last suggestion particularly with such a nonentity such as Mrs Brown. Hopefully that’s not your best target example? However, some millions of otherwise unclaimed tax money will still not cut it. Perhaps we should first of all be looking to stop wasting our £6 billion quid a year on Euro beggars and other undeserving claimants, which ultimately will happen eventually. Meanwhile we’re still throwing money at them.
        Come back in a year or so and see if there are any differences.

      4. What a joke! We just let all the rich stash away their loot tax-free, dodging and conniving, and hammer the poor for every penny. Of course we have to do that otherwise the poor dears will go elsewhere.
        Who give a fuck if Mrs Brown and Wayne Rooney go elsewhere?
        It’s called fairness and justice. All people should pay the taxes they are meant to pay!
        I don’t think you have a shred of morality.

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