Planet Earth – a poem.

Planet Earth


It is the thirteenth of June 2018

On a warm summer’s day that I have spent writing and reading.

It was a pleasant day.

Yet there were no swifts in the sky this afternoon.

I am sorry for that.

My garden is full of flowers and the grass is mown

But there is no room for nature.

I am sorry for that too.

What are we doing to you?

How can you bear it?

As we dig and chop,

Fence and rip,

Sterilize and sanitize.

Is this what you want?

That we should tame and reduce?

Tie you in knots?

And reduce your complexity

To our simplicity?

How long will you put up with it?

Mother earth

Are you powerless?

Planet earth can you hear me?

I am talking to you.

You gave me so much

And I value it all.

But you are becoming less and less by the day.

How can you bear to see so much destroyed?

So many creatures killed?

So much cruelty and pain?

Planet earth

Is it alright if we cause you to bleed like this?

Planet earth

You’ve given me a full life

Laden with stars, sunsets and rainbows

Rocks, trees and seas,

Creatures of all kinds,

Plants and wonders

Always wonders –

How can I repay you?

You’ve been my home for 69 years –

An endless time of love and change.

All I can do

Is say thank you.

I am so sorry.


Opher 13.6.2018

I wrote this with a nod to Allen Ginsberg.

9 thoughts on “Planet Earth – a poem.

      1. I too am filled with joy at the sight of nature. But I also notice the decline in all the creatures that I used to take for granted, see the gloom and doom for creatures around the world and get exceedingly distressed by what we are doing to the planet. It’s a disaster.

  1. Namaste Opher 🙂

    Passionate as always on a subject close to your heart reflecting upon matters that should concern everyone sharing one planet called Earth. She is a beautiful world whereas people are not always so either in spirit or practice: she is eternal, consistent, reliable, creative whilst we are ephemeral and fleeting, inconsistent, unreliable, and all to often destructive. Nature will have the last laugh as she always does recycling our atoms to conjure new life from old and perpetuate her fantastical mystery.

    Enjoy your day! Namaste 🙂


    1. She will have the last laugh Dewin. Our atoms will be incorporated into new lifeforms. I just mourn what has become of the life that we are annihilating. The callous disregard and cruelty.

      1. It is a crying shame Opher. Sometimes it seems as though humankind has failed to evolve beyond perceiving only arbitrary value in the world: never truly understanding the worth of anything and all too often having better judgement marred by the illusion of wealth. Propensity towards greed and wealth acquisition exacerbates selfishness and promotes callous disregard and cruelty for all things living naturally: other people included.

        There is no global vision for sustaining Nature, for maintaining her either, nor for attempting to live in symbiotic harmony with her: the invention of money saw fit to deny Nature a fighting chance. Sadly the Earth still spins on an axis of fools-gold and blackens by the day.

        I think you are quite right to suggest the cruel legacy of human-kind lives on and on. It is one misguided and wholly regrettable consequence of money-driven ideologies and self-interest blighting our planet.

        Namaste 🙂


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